Announcing The Publication of “I Used To Be Shy”, An Illustrated Story With Songs About Inclusion, Belonging, And Compassion

Written by Mike Mirabella and Lenny Lipton (writer of the song “Puff The Magic Dragon”), “I Used To Be Shy” is the second book in The Carla Stories series. Book One is “Sister Butterfly.” Book Three, coming in 2023, is “Special People”.

About “I Used To Be Shy”:

Does your child or grandchild ever sit by themselves – alone and seemingly friendless?

Meet Carla, our self-appointed social committee of one, who makes everyone at summer camp feel welcome. Carla spots a shy new boy who hides from others in his cabin, closing his curtain. Carla follows her heart and gathers a small group of fellow campers to coax him out to play games. With Carla’s encouragement, our new camper builds up his self-confidence, loses his fear and learns to enjoy his new friends.

About The Authors:

Mike Mirabella, a well-loved musician and award-winning author of children’s books, and Lenny Lipton, writer of the classic folk song “Puff The Magic Dragon,” sat in their living rooms on rainy days and wrote songs while their young disabled daughters played.

About The Illustrator:

Amy O’Hanlon is an artist in a family of musicians who illustrates children’s books as well as doing stage projection design for Bay Area musicals, one of which was the Bay Area Children’s Theatre’s “She Persisted”, based on the book by Chelsea Clinton.

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There are upcoming book launch events:

On Saturday, June 25 @noon at Multicultural Bookstore & Gifts

260 Broadway, Richmond CA

And on Saturday July 12 @1pm at Barnes & Noble

6050 El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito CA