Avionaut COSMO Achieves Top Safety Rating in ADAC Report

When it comes to automotive safety, the German organisation ADAC has long been a trusted authority on child transportation safety standards. Parents rely heavily on these evaluations when selecting the safest car seats for their children. In the latest ADAC report, released in May, the Avionaut COSMO car seat received a highly positive rating, securing the top score in the safety category among all tested car seats. This accolade is another testament to the Polish brand’s commitment to quality and safety, endorsed by the prestigious ADAC.

“Receiving the best safety rating from the ADAC for our Avionaut COSMO car seat is a testament to our unwavering commitment to child safety and comfort. We are proud to be recognised by such a prestigious organisation and remain dedicated to providing parents with products they can trust.”
— Fiona Suffield, UK Country Manager at Avionaut

ADAC is renowned across Europe for its comprehensive assessments of child seat safety. Beyond overall safety, ADAC’s evaluations also consider user-friendliness, ergonomic design, the presence of harmful substances, and ease of cleaning. The highest possible rating in the ADAC test is 5 stars, with 1 star being the lowest. These rigorous tests are highly valued by parents seeking reliable information on child seat safety.

ADAC: A Crucial Benchmark for Consumers

A 2017 survey by NEST Bank revealed that 82.8% of parents prioritise safety certifications when purchasing car seats, and 38.8% specifically look at crash test results. This underscores the significant influence of independent safety tests like those conducted by ADAC on parents’ buying decisions.

Manufacturers increasingly strive to meet the highest safety standards validated by independent organisations. High scores in these tests enhance the credibility and perceived quality of their products. Polish manufacturer Avionaut exemplifies this approach, with the COSMO car seat earning a positive evaluation in the latest ADAC report.

Avionaut COSMO: Leading Safety and Ergonomics

The Avionaut COSMO received high marks for its protection in front and side impacts. It was deemed the safest seat in the ADAC test, thanks to its design that effectively disperses collision forces, minimising injury risks. The IQ 2.0 base mounting system provides crucial stability and safety in accidents. The intuitive ISOFIX base ensures proper installation, reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, the seat’s ergonomic design offers comfort on both short and long journeys, maintaining a safe and comfortable position for the child.

The materials used in the Avionaut COSMO are free of harmful chemicals, and its upholstery is designed for easy removal and cleaning, enhancing both safety and convenience.

ADAC Tests: Guiding Parental Choices

Alongside the Swedish Test Plus, ADAC tests are among the most stringent and comprehensive globally. They evaluate car seats on criteria including frontal and side impact safety, ease of installation, ergonomics, and harmful substance content. The high standards and precision of these tests make ADAC results a reliable and authoritative resource for parents worldwide.

The positive ADAC rating for the Avionaut COSMO car seat not only highlights the manufacturer’s dedication to safety but also assures consumers of a dependable choice for their children’s car seats. Avionaut continues to expand its range of ADAC-recommended car seats, ensuring ongoing safety and quality for children.

About Avionaut

Avionaut is an innovative Polish company specialising in high-quality car seats for children. Founded out of a passion for safety and comfort, Avionaut has spent 13 years on the market earning recognition and official AGR certification for maintaining high standards in spine protection. With positive ratings from both ADAC and the rigorous Swedish Plus Test, Avionaut combines cutting-edge engineering with aesthetic design. The company stands out by carrying out the entire production process in one Polish factory, using exclusively locally manufactured and patented components. For more information, visit Avionaut.