Baboodle Launches the Bebello Washer

The Only Baby Bottle Washer, Steriliser & Dryer with an Eight Bottle Capacity

Baboodle, the UK’s first baby equipment subscription service, is delighted to announce the
exclusive launch of the Bebello Washer – the only baby bottle washer, steriliser and dryer with an
eight-bottle capacity on the market – available for planet-friendly rental at,
from just £1.74 a day*.

The compact and aesthetically pleasing kitchen-top machine offers time-poor and exhausted parents a lifeline, saving up to an hour of their precious time each day – equating to 182 hours over 6 months – so they can spend more time with their new baby (or grab a quick nap as their little one sleeps!). Busy breast pumping mums can also enjoy the time-saving benefits of the Bebello Washer, as the cleverly-designed machine fits breast pump parts too! With a quick and convenient wash cycle of just 19 minutes, the Bebello Washer ensures parents are always one step ahead of the demanding baby feeding schedule with all bottle and pump parts ready when they need them!

The Bebello Washer eliminates the need to hand wash baby bottles and pumping parts, reducing energy and water usage by up to 78% (while decluttering the kitchen of unnecessary bottle washing paraphernalia!). Naturally clean and sterile, the Bebello Washer’s detergent is made with planet-friendly ingredients, with the added benefit of 99.99% sterilisation thanks to natural steam, and all parts are dried with HEPA filtered air.

Baboodle is the UK’s first baby equipment rental platform, offering parents access to premium baby
products at a fraction of the cost of buying them new. Baboodle is the ideal destination for ecoconscious parents who want to lessen landfill waste, declutter their homes and save money – on
average Baboodle customers will rent £3,400 worth of short-term use equipment for just £66 a
month in the first year – that’s a saving of over 75%!
Baboodle’s rental model has been designed with flexibility in mind, with a variety of subscription
options typically ranging from 1, 2 or 3 months, with items such as strollers available for as little as
two weeks. Parents can plan ahead and pre-book items for their little one’s arrival date, with
everything delivered and collected by Baboodle for a seamless and convenient service. All
subscriptions can be cancelled early should a parent decide they no longer need an item, and the
rental price includes cleaning and maintenance, ensuring families receive products that are as good
as new, offering extra peace of mind.
With Baboodle, parents can bundle all the products they need to support their feeding, sleeping and
transport needs, with breast pumps, highchairs, cribs, travel cots, pushchairs, carriers and so much
more, available for a one-off delivery fee of £7.95 with free returns. Baboodle partner exclusively
with premium parenting brands to ensure reliability for their customers – trusted household names
include BabyBjörn, DockATot, Thule, Stokke, Spectra, SNOO, Bugaboo and Chicco.
The Bebello Washer is the brainchild of inventor Andrew Carr, who spent six years at Elvie and was
the creator of the revolutionary Elvie Pump – the world’s first silent wearable breast pump.
Andrew’s designs have won over 50 international design awards, been on the cover of Time
magazine and can be found in design museums in the UK, the US and Germany.

Andrew is driven by a passion for sustainability, which all began with him leading innovation projects and founding the Sustainability Team at Elvie. Andrew says, “I truly believe a circular approach to the baby products industry can make a significant impact on our planet’s future. This starts with using premium parts and materials which deliver higher performance and better reliability for parents, effectively
disrupting the existing short-sighted and throwaway culture which is so prevalent in the manufacturing industry. The downside is the endproduct is more expensive to make and sell, which is why we are delighted to launch with Baboodle’s unique subscription service – parents can now have access to a top tier product that makes life as a new parent so much easier, at a fraction of the cost of buying it new.”

About Bebello
Bebello’s mission is to make incredible time-saving products for new parents, that don’t cost the
earth. Our products are designed for re-use and our business model is inherently ‘circular’. This
dramatically reduces waste across the supply chain and delivers a dramatically lower carbon
footprint than companies who operate on the old-fashioned ‘take-make-waste’ or ‘linear economy’
approach, which has put us in the middle of a climate crisis. Bebello is on a journey and we would
love you to be part of the community.
*Based on 3 months rental at £54pm. Further rental options include £64 for one month, or £59pm
for two months.
Bebello Washer Video: