Parents go through the full gamut of emotions as their little ones start school. Mother of six and super ‘mummy influencer’ @chloeuberkid is no stranger to this emotional rollercoaster. When Start-Rite Shoes found 78% of its Instagram followers admit to being more nervous than their little one as the big day approaches, Chloe stepped in to offer support and show other parents that they’re certainly not alone.

According to Start-Rite, 52% of its Instagram followers are preparing themselves for a good old cry on the day. Chloe admitted she reaches for the tissues but found the kindness of strangers brought lasting friendships too;

“I am the mother who sobs outside, heartbroken and felt so incredibly guilty that I’d left my child somewhere with strangers! But, each time (four kids now at school) I have become amazing friends with the mum who comforted me!”

Emotions are triggered by new school uniform with 86% of Start-Rite’s followers’ admitting they got emotional when they saw their little one all dressed up in their uniform for the first time and Chloe agreed;

I was as excited as them about things like putting on brand new shiny school shoes, immaculate uniform and having a new lunch box!”

New friendships also cause butterflies, with 55% of Start-Rite’s followers admitting to being marginally more nervous about meeting other parents at the school gates as they are about their children making friends (53%). 

94% admitted their little one found it easier starting school than they thought they would and the same number agreed that the end of the day was better than the beginning. Chloe reflected;

“It’s the way their face lights up and they run to give you a hug at the end of the first day! I was really nervous that I would be lost without them but in reality that 9-3 time goes so unbelievably quickly! Literally like how did it get to be pick up time and I’ve achieved nothing?” 

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