Bath, Bedroom and Beyond

Vital Baby is the perfect partner for night-time routines and more

Any parenting expert will tell you that creating a bedtime routine is the ideal way to settle your little one down for a good night’s sleep. But we all know that it can be easier said than done, when often, no two days are ever the same. However, there are some simple steps and clever tools that can definitely help make life easier.

Simple Steps:

  • Make bedtime the same time every night
  • Create a calm, relaxed environment (bed bouncing not recommended!)
  • Invest in black-out blinds, especially for those summer months
  • Follow a routine so there are no surprises, such as bath time, story time, sleep time

Clever Tools:

The experts at Vital Baby have a whole range of products designed specifically to help with the bedtime routine, from clever tools for bathing babies, to soft brushes for gentle hair combing.  For the full range and to find out more visit Here are some highlights:


HYGIENE perfectly simple bath support

RRP £12.00 Keep bath time safe and relaxing for baby with this baby bath support.  It is strong and lightweight, with integrated suction cups to ensure it doesn’t slip for safety. Suitable for use from birth.

SPLASH Squirt & Splash Ducks and Frogs

RRP £2.99 These little water characters encourage gentle, imaginative play.  They aim to develop hand-eye co-ordination whilst also learning about colours. Available in a family of three frogs and a family of three ducks.

HYGIENE perfectly simple top & tail bowl

RRP £7 Perfect for baby’s first baths and beyond, the HYGIENE perfectly simple top & tail bowl has separate areas for top and tail sponges providing ultimate hygiene. Separate bathing areas prevent cross-contamination, giving mums peace of mind during the newborn stage and beyond.

SPLASH alphabet and number set

RRP £6.99

Encourage learning at bath time with these soft, colourful foam letters and numbers. Children can spell words, count or sort by colour, whilst bathing. Each character gently sticks to the side of the bath and tiles, as well as floating around. The foam is lightweight, durable and built to last. After bathtime just allow to air dry until next time.


PROTECT healthcare bundle
RRP £46.76

Vital Baby has created a bundle of four essentials to keep your baby happy and healthy around their bedtime routine and beyond. The 4 in 1 contactless thermometer will keep an eye on baby’s temperature, with handy fever alert colour changing technology. Perfectly sized for little noses, the nasal decongester is designed to clear baby’s nose during cold season, and the 4in1 thermometer makes sure bath water and bedroom temperatures are safe and comfortable for your child, with a LED warning light to let you know if the temperature is unsuitable. Keep baby’s hair soft and tangle free with the PROTECT grooming kit and avoid baby scratching themselves with the PROTECT nail care set.