Bizziebaby announce 15th Annual Awards 2022 Open for Entry and FREE to enter

Just send [email protected] email to request entry form today.

From the day we find out the fantastic news we are pregnant to the day we see our children starting their own lives in the world our needs are changing all the time. This is why our Bizziebaby Online Review Service features real reviews, carried out by real people just like you. We incorporate reviews for anything and everything that will be of interest to them as your lives change over the years. Just click online to read latest reviews for Baby & Toddler, Books, Magazines, Diaries, Electricals, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Men, Sports, Leisure and Entertainment, Home and Garden, Toys and Games and Women. Yes we cover it all find out more here

Why Bizziebaby? We are the Only Online Review Website within the UK which is dedicated to delivery reviews for all products and services relevant to a new and growing family.

We deliver an invaluable service to every member of the family.
We help all the family make those all-important buying decisions for the product that will be
ideal for them.
We influence buying decisions with honest in-depth reviews.
We source products that will be of interest to expectant mothers, new parents, Women, Men,
Teenagers,  Home and much More.
We are NOT Just about baby we are so much more and you can enjoy all the benefits on offer by submitting item into our 2022 Annual Awards today.
WHY?  Every product entered we Deliver Online Coverage.

Every product entered can be entered into as Many Relevant Categories you feel applicable.

We deliver online Coverage year after year continually promoting your product/service and BUY now links and website links.

Find out NOW if your product will Win the Votes of Parents and Families.

Bizziebaby is your way forward.
Bizziebaby has over 14,000 registered testers
Each one is a family eager to review products in their own homes to find out if this is a ‘Must Have’ for 2022

Open All year round so You Can Submit your product to be reviewed in the ideal Season to obtain best Results.

FREE to enter and For Each Product Submitted you will need to send 3 Products to 3 Bizziebaby Testers selected by Bizziebaby.

Example Submit one Product we will send you 3 Bizziebaby Testers to send item to Keep and Review. Submit 5 Individual Products we will send you 15 Bizziebaby Testers to send item to Keep and Review
EVERY PRODUCT submitted WILL obtain coverage online

Categories Available. 
Baby & Child
Health & Beauty 
Home & Garden 

Every product submitted is tested by 3 independent testers over a 4 week period, unless a food product and this will be reviewed over a 1 week period.
You can find out if you are an award winner within 8 Weeks.
Every product submitted is automatically entered into our 2022 15th Annual Awards.
You can submit as many products as you like into as many categories as you feel relevant.
Our Service will deliver in-depth reviews, ideal to use for market research for the future and you can Gauge just how well a product is received TODAY. Use as testing ground to select suitable products to submit for other Annual Awards during the year.
Final Closing Date for entries 2022 Annual Awards is the 10th November 2022.

How To Enter:

Send [email protected] for entry form then select items you would like to submit, select categories and send back to Kerry and Kerry will organise everything for you. the Online Review Website for all the family!  You will find something for everyone
and with over 24,,000 reviews online our awards help families all over the country decide which
are the best products to BUY.
If you are an Award Winner for product entry We will send you live link to review online and invoice to purchase official logo and The Cost is £60.00. IT IS YOUR CHOICE IS YOU WISH TO PURCHASE THE OFFICIAL LOGO.  If you purchase official Logo the product will be promoted online as Award Winner and we send you all the official logos to use Without any Time restrictions as once purchased they are your property.

Example: Venicci

If you do not purchase the official logo the reviews stay live online but we do not promote as award winner.  Still delivering continual coverage Year after Year.

So much on offer AND FREE TO ENTER. 
Contact Kerry Today – [email protected]  to obtain entry information.