Boken releases new, action-packed, kid’s adventure book – ideal for the Summer holiday read

Today, Boken, the ‘little dog with the big heart’ releases ‘Boken’s Crazy Camping Caper’, the sixth in his series of adventure books for kids, aged anywhere between 6 and 12 years old.

Already receiving rave reviews for the two-time eLit award winner, this e-book and audiobook is a ‘Must Read’, according to Kameron Brook, Reedsy/Discovery and an ideal way to while away the long Summer / Winter holidays.

Packed full of fun, adventure and with some fun facts slipped in for extra learning opportunities, Boken’s Crazy Camping Caper takes the lovable Miniature Schnauzer on his first camping trip, which he goes on with his best mate Bounce and their Dads.

Not enamoured by the idea of sleeping outdoors, instead of on his Mum’s familiar, squishy tummy, Boken soon perks up at the idea of eating outside as this can mean only one thing – BBQ, cooked by his BBQ King Dad!

With his best friend by his side, Boken explores the wonders of the countryside, mesmerised by the new sights and smells that tantalise his senses. He meets wonderful new characters, who teach him about the joys and perils of living in the wild.

Is it a camping trip that is all plain sailing? Of course not! Yes, there is a fishing trip in a canoe and yes, there is plenty of fun, adventure and intrigue, but there is also drama and more than a little danger. Boken learns that it is wise to listen to those with greater experience, a subtle message that parents globally will appreciate.

Other messages in the book include respecting the environment as well as a clear warning that not all animals are friendly – that they too need to be treated with respect, at all times.

The e-book literally comes alive with the wealth of colour and B&W illustrations, created by the series’ highly acclaimed illustrators, Anna Hancock and Jo Litchfield. The two illustrators joined forces when the Boken project was in it’s infancy, creating evocative and complementary imagery that gives Boken and his amigos their ‘awesome’ and instantly recognisable look!

There are also 4 videos within the e-book, which add to the multi-media format that the Boken books have striven to perfect. 

Sara Mastriforte, originator of the project and Boken’s Mum said, ‘The Boken team comprises a small group of highly creative individuals, who share a passion not just for the kid’s character, but for the real Boken, our lovable, cheeky and mischievous Miniature Schnauzer.

I am so lucky to be able to produce these books with people, who have the natural ability to see detail in ways that make humour, danger, adventure and every other requirement, shine through their illustrations. As with the whole series, Boken’s Crazy Camping Caper is a testament to their unabridged creativity and teamwork.

I hope that kids and parents alike enjoy reading and listening to this book as much as we enjoyed conceiving and producing it.’

The audiobook is equally animated – with the fun, humour and suspense captured so eloquently by Sara’s husband, Neil Egerton, who has narrated all the books in the series. Apt and amusing sound effects pepper the script with regularity, but without distracting from the storyline

Produced independently by Greystone Productions Ltd, the e-book and audiobook are available from Boken’s website: and all major digital retailers.

Will Boken go camping again? Probably, but he will need a rest first and maybe a snack or two!

To celebrate the launch of Boken’s latest adventure book, those familiar with his website will notice that it has had a make-over, with a now clear divide between the more parental area with the emphasis on the books and a kids’, ‘Bokeneers’ area’, full of fun, free activities, a gallery for kid’s pet pictures, an anti-bulling section and a blog, offering amusing stories and helpful advice.

In addition, Boken, today launches his camping book competition via his website, with the chance to win his new book and one of his branded t-shirts.