Bring Creations to Life with Maped

Innovative hobby kits allow little ones to transform their drawings into epic cartoons.

Maped, the brand fostering children’s imagination and empowering them to change the world with their hands, is thrilled to unveil two new innovative products, uniquely designed to bring children’s creations to life. Introducing the Maped Creativ Animaker Flash Set and Maped Creativ Animaker Flip Set – two super fun kits that will truly capture children’s imaginations as the free Animaker application transforms their drawings into cartoons.

In a few simple steps – and a whole lot of fun, children aged 6+ can bring their drawings to life with the help of the Maped Creativ Animaker Flash Set. First up, children start their animation by colouring in the 12 drawings on one of the double-pages in the A4 notebook provided. Once complete, the free Animaker app can be downloaded in the app store and let the real fun begin; simply capture a photo of each square, select the pace for their animation, and voila – their very own mini cartoon can be downloaded to discover their very first animation. There are 12 animations to discover, plus 1 bonus activity to create their own designs.

Compact creativity at its best - it's the ultimate portable activity as the Animaker notebook can be easily packed in a backpack on holidays, outdoor adventures, or car journeys afar.  

For mini cartoonists in the making, the Maped Creativ Animaker Flip Set is a great educational activity as kids can discover the basics of animation from 7 years+.  Children will love sketching, colouring and storytelling in the flipbook, before transforming the story into cartoons. By following the guide on the free Animaker app, they can film their very own flipbook, select the pace, and their personalised animation will appear! Once downloaded they could even share it as a captivating GIF with family and friends! 

With the Animaker Flip Set, children can create 4 cartoons like a seasoned professional using the flipbook tool, elastic band and  2 flipbooks. The kit also includes a wooden support to allow the flipbook to be propped up and flicked through easily. Thanks to its compact design, aspiring animators can always keep their Animaker flip book with them to doodle to their delight and create cartoons on the move! 

Both sets are available in 3 different designs and are bursting with everything children need, including 12 vibrant Mini Maped colouring pencils, 1 Maped black felt-tip pen, 1 Maped pencil, 1 Precision Maped eraser and 1 instructional guide/video QR.

Speaking about the brands iconic Animaker products, Gray Richmond, Managing Director at Maped Helix said: “Having products that not only encourage children’s creativity but also help bring their imagination to life is something we are really passionate about. For children to be able to see their creations come alive, is something they absolutely love – it takes their imagination to the next level, while learning even more skills – it’s a win win! 
Find out how to use the Maped Creativ Flash set here and Maped Creativ Flip set here. 

Animaker Flip | RRP: £12.00 | Stockist: Asda

Animaker Flash | RRP: £8.00 | Stockist: Asda