Having a baby is pretty damn expensive. At a time when your pay usually takes a hit, you suddenly find you have 1 million things to buy. You need everything from; maternity wear and breast pumps, to prams and cots (plus all the little bits in between). That’s why BUMPKO has recently launched their parent discount platform. BUMPKO is here to help YOU save money when you need it the most.

BUMPKO is a new exclusive discount platform for parents. And the best bit? It’s totally FREE to sign-up. It’s essentially the same concept as a student discount platform, except it’s for mums & dads on maternity/paternity leave and pay. 

BUMPKO was founded by Laura Jagdev, a mum of three young daughters who had a lightbulb moment back in 2018 whilst on maternity leave. Laura was studying at the time and received a student discount card; she thought how great it would be if there was a similar concept for parents. It took a while to get off the ground, but BUMPKO was finally born a few years later with the help of her business partner and friend, Nia Williams.

How does BUMPKO work/when can I sign up? 

You can join BUMPKO as soon as you find out you’re expecting. You do need to pass their verification checks, but it’s a very straightforward process. As soon as you’re approved, your membership unlocks all their exclusive offers. You then get repeat discounts across all BUMPKO’s brand partners throughout your pregnancy and beyond. More brands are being added weekly as the platform grows. Dads can join too, they just need to be nominated as a partner during the initial sign-up process.

What will I need to sign-up?

If you have an NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate, nothing other than a few personal details. If you don’t have a maternity exemption certificate though, you can still join. BUMPKO will email requesting a screenshot of practically any alternate maternity ID. As long as it shows your name and baby due date, you’re all good to go. Some accepted alternatives include (MAT B1 form, GP/Midwife letter, baby’s red book, or maternity folder cover). BUMPKO will let you know if they require any extra information at sign-up.

Why do I need to be verified in the first place?

Without a verification system, anyone could sign-up meaning brands would be giving away discounts to their entire customer base. BUMPKO wants to source the best discounts on the market place and a verification system protects the brands and members.

Which brands are currently available?

You can view the full list of brand partners on the website. The site is still very new, but the aim is for BUMPKO to bring on board a range of discounts for everything parents could require for when their pay takes a hit during maternity/paternity leave and pay. Some current recognisable brand partners include Snoozeshade, LATCHED, Cuddledry, Gummee, and TUM TUM (but to name a few).

Their current offers cover a broad spectrum which include everything from; baby and fitness, to jewellery and fashion brands. BUMPKO is determined to get bigger and better as the brand grows.

Is it worth joining?

Clearly we’re going to be a bit biased, but it’s an easy decision – YES.

It’s totally FREE to sign-up so you have nothing to lose. Even if there are no brands or offers that resonate with you right now, BUMPKO is very very new and rapidly expanding, so there’s sure to be a brand for you very soon.

Watch this space and give them a cheeky follow on their socials.


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