Canal Toys Unveils the Photo Creator Instant Pocket Printer: A Compact, No-Ink, Thermal Marvel!

Canal Toys, a renowned leader in the toy industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the Photo Creator Instant Pocket Printer. This printer is part of Canal Toys’ highly successful Photo Creator Range, which is known for offering the best in instant print cameras. The Photo Creator Range has established itself as the go-to choice for those seeking top-quality instant printing solutions. Set to hit retailers during Easter break, this advanced technology device introduces a new era of printing technology, offering users a seamless and stylish way to transform digital memories into tangible treasures.        

The Photo Creator Instant Pocket Printer is a marvel of convenience and functionality, effortlessly syncing with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. With no messy ink cartridges to deal with, this pocket-sized printer utilizes thermal technology to produce crisp, vibrant prints of photos, labels, and lists with ease. Its compact design adds a sprinkle of charm to every print, making it not just a functional gadget, but an extension of your personal style. A gateway to creativity and self-expression, empowering users to bring cherished memories to life in a tangible format, without the hassle of traditional printing methods.

The Photo Creator Instant Pocket Printer includes a companion app, enabling users to enjoy AI-generated prints with ease. Users can seamlessly print photos from their phones and apply special effects prior to printing. Additionally, they can add personal touches post-printing with stickers and marker pens, elevating the printing experience. Whether capturing memories, organizing tasks, or studying notes, this printer is your ultimate companion. Its versatility extends beyond photos—you can create custom stickers, mood boards, or print web pages for offline use. Furthermore, it doubles as a convenient labelling device for books and folders. With its myriad of functionalities, it empowers you to unleash your creativity in vibrant detail, anywhere, anytime.

The Photo Creator instant pocket printer joins the Canal Toys Creator range, which includes Studio Creator and So Chill, offering a diverse range of products designed to inspire creativity and imagination. With the addition of the Photo Creator Instant Pocket Printer, Canal Toys strengthens its position as a leading innovator in the retail space.

Product Description: The Photo Creator Instant Pocket Printer offers hours of fun and creativity, allowing users to send photos from their phones to print using the app. Personalise prints with stickers and marker pens for a truly unique touch.

Contents: 1 sticky roll, 3 paper rolls, USB charger cable, stickers and 3 pens to customise your prints.

RRP: £34.99

Target Audience: 9 – 16 years old

Launch Details: Available from Amazon (also available in various retailer including Smyths, Argos & Very)

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