Child Safety Week 2021: Breathing, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Temperature control are the top three concerns for new parents when it comes to keeping their child safe

More than 71% of new parents claim concern about their child’s safety increased their anxiety and impacted mental health

With Child Safety Week running from 7th – 13th June, Bluebell, the award-winning Smart Baby Monitor, has polled 100 parents of children aged under 2, to discover the most daunting concerns for new mums and dads with the top three being:

  1. Ensuring their baby is breathing properly – 58% 
  2. Fear of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – 49% 
  3. Managing their temperature / when to be concerned – 34% 

Such concerns are key factors that are attributing to parental anxiety, which the survey found impacted 71% of parents, who felt their mental health was affected by the arrival of a newborn and the combination of sleep deprivation and concerns about keeping their newborn safe.

Sleep is key to improving overall wellbeing, yet 31% of those polled averaged a shockingly low 3- 5 hours sleep per night, with lack of sleep causing an increase in stress and worry.  Only 22% of participants stated they got the recommended 7+ hours of sleep. 

When it comes to baby-proofing the home, to ease anxiety around child safety, the top 5 items new parents recommend purchasing to help manage safety concerns are:

  1. Stairgate 
  2. Cupboard locks 
  3. Plug covers 
  4. Baby Monitor 
  5. Play pen    

With Child Safety Week running from 7th to 13th June, the Bluebell team are partnering with The GP Mum, Dr. Stephanie Jen Chyi Ooi, to offer a range of expert tips and advice about how to keep baby safe and ways to baby-proof the house. Follow @Bluebellfamily for details on the forthcoming Instagram Live at 12pm on 9th June.

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The Bluebell smart baby monitor keeps parents informed, receiving monitoring and routine alerts that allows them to easily track baby’s activities like feeds and nappy changes. The Bluebell Smart Hub creates the ideal sleeping environment with lullabies, nightlight, white noise, two-way talk back and room noise/temp monitoring – all controllable via the Bluebell app.  

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