Cognikids Now Available in Mamas & Papas

COGNIKIDS is delighted to announce its launch across
Mamas & Papas stores and online in the UK and Ireland this week.

The Sip, Dip and Grip range, which is favoured among many high profile parents including The Body Coach, Joe Wicks and Vogue Williams, will launch in to 16 Mamas & Papas stores across the UK and Ireland with a view to rolling it out across more stores over the coming months.

Cognikids believe that every baby has a right to grip, grasp, hold, throw, chew, suck, creep, crawl, shake, dance, kick, flail about and sometimes even fall down. All of these actions are the building blocks upon which your baby will build their future skills. Skills like being able to sit attentively, hold a pencil, learn to write their name, do up a button or tie their shoelaces.

Cognikids products will help your baby’s neurological development and ensure that your baby lives up to his or her in-built potential, whilst also helping parents and baby through the weaning process in fun and eye-catching style. So, let’s meet the three hero products for weaning success…

Grip is designed to help babies grasp their own bottle, encouraging them to develop the skills necessary for independent feeding.
Easing the transition from breast to bottle.
Grip is soft and flexible allowing compatibility with many different baby bottles. The unique shape hugs the neck of the bottle and gently supports it from the bottom up, keeping it firmly in place while enabling your baby to feed more independently and fuss free.

Sip is their natural drinking cup, helping to develop confidence in little ones and also encouraging independent feeding. Sip helps develop the pincer grip and builds muscles in the hand of children. This encourages independent feeding along with developing excellent hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Dip is the Cognikids Weaning Pre-Spoon and helps to develop confidence in your little one, encouraging independent feeding. Dip was designed to help babies develop fine motor skills & gross motor skills. In doing this Dip helps to develop the sensory system and promotes independent feeding.

COGNIKIDS products are available from selected Mamas & Papas Stores across the UK and Ireland and selected independent retailers nationwide.

You can also find out more about the brand at feeding!