Double the Cuteness, Double the Fun

Flipetz arrive in the UK, bringing the fun to an adventure near you!

Twist and flip into a world of imagination with Flipetz, RRP from £14.99, the innovative 2-in-1 reversible plush toy that offers double the fun in one adorable package. With its unique design and irresistibly soft texture, these cute and captivating characters provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play. The easy to clean cover means you can simply wipe away any traces of previous adventure and start afresh in a whole new realm! With Flipetz, the possibilities are endless!

Let’s take a sneak peek at these adorable characters!

Jump for joy with Gadget! Hop into a whimsical world of play with Gadget, the carrot/bunny. From cuddly carrot adventures to hopping bunny escapades, Gadget is here to bring joy and laughter to every playtime moment.

Perfect, playful pup! Sink your teeth into playtime adventures with Crocket the apple/dog. This delightful duo is the paw-fect playtime pal that takes you to a fun and carefree world of endless playtime play time possibilities!

Have a mice day! When life gives you lemons, make some magical memories! Squeeze some excitement into every playtime with Rocket the lemon/mouse, the perfect pair for a squeaky-clean adventure! Unzip the zesty lemon to unleash a whole new level to your imaginative antics!

Let your ears down! Get ready for some mighty cuddles from Velvet, the aubergine/elephant. This gentle giant is paired perfectly with a serene aubergine and it’s big, long trunk is ideal for sniffing out new adventures. Stomp away into a magical journey of cuddles and fun with Velvet!

Glide into a whole new world! Spread your wings and fly into a berry sweet adventure with the perfect cute and cuddly companion. Violet the strawberry/owl perfectly combines sweet snuggles and imaginative play, helping you soar into a journey of fun!

Comet the cuddly companion! Add a sprinkle of luck to your playtime adventures with Comet the tomato/ladybird. Unleash your fluffy friend by unzipping the juicy tomato! Your new forever friend won’t fly away, he’s yours to keep for all your exciting endeavours!

Have egg-stra fun with Nugget!

Enter a totally tropical realm with Nugget the Pineapple/chick. Whether it’s galivanting along the beach or cuddling up on a cosy farm, Nugget encourages your imagination to run wild!

Flipetz are now in stock and will be available throughout the UK in a mixture of Online Retailers (including Amazon) and Toy, Gift, Department stores and Garden Centres nationwide.