Edx Education Launch Busy Play® Collection!

Edx Education – the leading Learning Through Play toy brand – are delighted to announce the launch of the Busy Play® collection for educational Summer Holiday fun! The boredom busting Busy Play® 9-piece collection has been designed for learning and play on-the-go, in eco-friendly packaging measuring just 17.5cm x 15.3cm x 7.5cm, to inspire discovery and learning, anytime, anywhere. Suitable for ages 18m-5yrs+, and priced at just £12.99 – £14.99 per set, Edx Education’s new range offers families purse-friendly mini versions of their best-selling maths and STEAM collections, to keep children entertained for hours, without a screen in sight!

Busy Play® Geo Pegs – £14.99 – 18 months+ Busy Play® Geo Pegs set includes a rectangular peg board and nine pegs in three colours, with 15 activity cards to keep children entertained. The set is great for improving matching and logical thinking skills, and is an ideal toy to develop early mathematics concepts, such as numeracy, sorting, counting and patterning. The set is also great for learning shapes and colours, whilst improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with stacking activities, using the jumbo pegs which have been designed for little hands to grip easily.

Busy Play® Nuts & Bolts – £14.99 – 18m+ The Busy Play® Nuts & Bolts set is another great toy for
improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as children manipulate the kid-friendly jumbo nuts and bolts to create the designs on the 15 activity cards. With four different shaped nuts in three colours, kids will learn to recognise shapes and colours as they play, while engaging with early maths concepts such as matching, sorting and classifying.

Busy Play® GeoStix® – £12.99 – 3yrs+ The Busy Play® GeoStix® set is designed to spark imagination
and curiosity! The set includes 45 strips in ten colours, with multiple points of connection that easily snap together to open up a world of model building possibilities for young learners. Each set comes with 15 activity cards which allow children to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to build interesting and colourful designs, whilst learning geometric concepts.

Busy Play® Number Rods – £12.99 – 3yrs+ Edx Education’s Busy Play® Number Rods are great to explore
basic number concepts. The 37 rods in ten colours allow children to play and learn number relationships, number comparison, and part-part-whole reasoning techniques. Using the 15 activity cards or creating their own designs, the rods can also be used to build 2D and 3D structures, whilst developing problem-solving skills.

Busy Play® Pattern Blocks – £12.99 – 3yrs+ Another great tool for developing children’s understanding of geometric concepts, the Busy Play® Pattern Blocks set helps children to identify different shapes, sizes and colours and start to use mathematical language. Younger learners will enjoy making ‘shape pictures’ using the shapes themselves or drawing around them to create interesting shape patterns. Older children can explore more advanced mathematic concepts, such as symmetry, area and fractions. Each set
includes 60 pieces in six colours, with 15 activity cards.

Busy Play® Tangram – £12.99 – 3yrs+ The Busy Play® Tangram puzzle set stimulates creative
thinking and problem-solving skills. The set includes 14 pieces in two colours and is great for learning early mathematical concepts in geometry, such as angles and area. Following the 15 activity cards included in every set, children will quickly grasp the concept of rotating congruent shapes to create the depicted models.

Busy Play® Skeletal – £14.99 – 5 yrs+ Older model building enthusiasts will love the Busy Play®
Skeletal set, which includes 54 sticks in seven colours, with 16 connecting balls in two designs. The set also comes with 15 activity cards to build 2D and 3D models. Great for encouraging hands-on problem solving, creativity and developing fine motor skills, the set will also introduce children to basic geometric shapes as they explore spatial reasoning concepts.

Busy Play® Pentominoes – £12.99 – 5yrs+ The Busy Play® Pentominoes set is a wonderful toy for
helping children explore more advanced mathematic concepts, such as symmetry, area and perimeter. Creative thinking and problem-solving skills will excel as children learn to flip/reflect, slide, turn/rotate, and tesselate, to create the images on the 15 activity cards. Each set includes 12 pentomino pieces.

Busy Play® Colour Tiles – £12.99 – 5yrs+ The Edx Education® Busy Play® Colour Tiles set includes 48 tiles in five colours, with 15 activity cards designed to stimulate creative thinking, problem-solving, concentration and observations skills, as they recreate the models depicted on the cards. The set is also ideal for early mathematics concepts, such as counting, sorting and patterning.

You can check out the full collection here https://www.shopedx.co.uk/