Empowering Dads-to-be, MANtenatal – the innovative antenatal course designed specifically to prepare for fatherhood.

Gordon Dowall-Potter, founder of MANtenatal has 4 children and only attended antenatal classes twice. Each time, Gordon came away thinking these are fantastic to help mum prepare for motherhood, but there was very little content there to help the guys prepare for fatherhood.

Enter MANtenatal… an award winning provider of antenatal education, specifically designed for dads-to-be.

In a departure from traditional prenatal education programs that primarily target mothers, MANtenatal recognises the vital role dads play in the journey to parenthood and aims to provide them with the knowledge to effectively support their partner throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The MANtenatal course is tailored to meet the unique needs and concerns of fathers-to-be, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential topics such as understanding the birthing process, practical parenting skills and emotional support. The course aims to equip dads-to-be with the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in the pregnancy and birth experience, fostering a deeper connection with their partner and child.

There are three ways to participate in the MANtenatal course to suit your own preferred learning method. On-demand, 9 Module Course to complete in your time at your own pace, the Dad Course Live where you join Gordon and other dads-to-be on a zoom meet or the Personal 1:1 Course.

Key features of the MANtenatal courses include:

Father-Centric Curriculum

Designed to address the questions and concerns that fathers commonly have during the antenatal period. From supporting your partner throughout pregnancy, understanding your role during labour, to hands-on parenting techniques and much more. The curriculum is tailored to empower dads, helping them to become the best dads they can be.

Interactive Courses

As well as talking about your hopes and sharing your concerns about fatherhood, the comprehensive courses ensure that dads can actively engage in the learning process. The courses provide valuable insights into tasks such as supporting your partner throughout their pregnancy, the birthing process, whether that be a natural birth or C-section, bonding with your newborn and coping with the first few days and weeks at home.

Community Support

MANtenatal fosters a sense of community among expectant fathers, providing a platform for them to share experiences, exchange advice, and build a supportive network.

Gordon Dowall-Potter is committed to reshaping the narrative around antenatal education by placing a spotlight on the vital role fathers play in the journey to parenthood. These dedicated antenatal courses underscores MANtenatal’s dedication to inclusivity and recognition of the evolving dynamics within modern families.


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