Exciting New Book Will Guide Expectant Parents to a Positive Birth

Expert Midwife Pip continues to support women to feel empowered about birth in her brand-new book available NOW!

Trusted and passionate Midwife, Midwife Pip is delighted to unveil her first book, Midwife Pip’s Guide to a Positive Birth, continuing her commitment to be the go-to support for mums-to-be. Sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience in this thoughtfully written guide, Pip is on a mission to give every parent-to-be the tools to feel calm and confident for birth.

Packed with evidence-based information and insider tips and tricks from over 10 years’ experience as a practising midwife, the new book is truly a personal antenatal class. Covering everything from self-care and positive birth environments, to packing the hospital bag and the all-important new baby checklist. As well as advice on supporting parent’s mental health post baby, and so much more. Answering many key questions regarding pregnancy, labour and beyond – Pip will arm her readers with everything the need to feel informed and prepared for a positive birth.

Ensuring all expectant and new mums feel like superwomen during their journey into motherhood, Pip firmly believes that with the right education and support, all births, whether planned or unplanned, assisted, caesarean, waterbirth or hypnobirthing – can be positive. Sure to be a hit with all mums, Pip’s new book uniquely offers all the tools to feel calm and confident from the very beginning.

Not only is Pip a practicing Midwifery Sister and MSc graduate, but she also is the founder of the Midwife Pip Podcast, a Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Educator, the co-author of much published research and maybe most importantly, a mum – she is truly trying to make a positive difference in her extended work.

Having given a few mums a sneak preview, reality TV star, Chloe Madeley said: “As soon as I found Pip my pregnancy got more enjoyable. She is a reassuring, experienced, qualified, evidence-based professional and us women need more of her! This book is a long time coming and a must-read for all expectant parents!”

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