Falling In Love With Cloth Nappies, Naturally

Nimble unveil a unique plant-based detergent powder specifically designed for reusable nappies.

The latest innovative solution from plant-based cleaning brand Nimble, makes cleaning reusable nappies super simple, leaving them sparkling clean and delightfully soft! Introducing Nappy Lover, a genius formula designed with cloth nappies (and what ends up on them) in mind.

Completely free from skin-irritating allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes, Nappy Lover is kind to little bums. The allergen-free fragrance leaves nappies with a delicate baby fresh scent…although what they smell like after wear can’t be guaranteed! Market research shows that cloth nappies now make up 10% of the £100bn global nappy market, so
it’s clear that the need for a cleaning product which gets them truly clean without leaving harsh residues that can irritate skin has never been greater – step in Nappy Lover! As cloth-loving parents will know, reusable nappies can be tricky to wash, however Nappy Lover’s non-bio powder uses plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and sugarcane to target stinky
stains without the need for extra boosters. When it comes to the best method for cleaning cloth nappies, Nappy Lover has cleverly combined the cleaning power of powder detergent with the gentle and kinder to skin benefits of liquid detergent – the best of both worlds! Nappy Lover also completely dissolves in the washing machine, so no need to worry about any residues being left behind that could irritate sensitive skin – a common problem with powder detergents, which often leave insoluble residues that can cause nappy rash and damage the cloth nappy fibres over time.

Speaking about developing a product specifically for reusable nappies, Nimble founder Von Sy said: “With so many parents now turning to reusable nappies, myself and my wife included, it became apparent to me that we needed to harness our plant-based cleaning power to support these parents and wanted to develop a product that truly did the job well without the use of any harsh chemicals. I developed Nappy Lover so that parents could get nappies really clean, but also be as kind to skin as possible”.
With thousands of UK families turning to cloth nappies for both their environmental, and pursefriendly benefits, Nappy Lover couldn’t have come at a better time. Nappy Lover is the third product in their new laundry range, which also includes baby detergent Laundry Lover, and fabric softener Cuddle Lover, to solve all family member’s washing needs in one go!
Nappy Lover – £6.99 | 1.08kg | Up to 40 washes

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