Father’s Day 16th June – Celebrate with top Father’s day gifts

Anger Smash

Don’t be grumpy this Father’s Day – just play with Anger Smash from Weird Games, a fast-paced, strategic card game for families and friends, offering a delightful blend of tension, competition and sabotage. Be the first to collect a complete set of Anger and Zen cards while sabotaging opponents with clever use of BloodBoilers and Disruptors. Available from Amazon. Follow @howamiweirdgames or watch how to play here.

RRP: £14.99

Ages: 8+   

How Am I Weird

Get ready for endless laughs and unforgettable moments with the award-winning party game How Am I Weird from Weird Games. It is the perfect Father’s Day gift, inviting players to embrace their quirky sides, indulge in witty, unexpected scenarios and choose their weirdest and funniest Comebacks. Available from Amazon. Follow @howamiweirdgames or watch how to play here

RRP: £20.99

Ages: 14+    

Local Legends

Welcome to the world of London’s finest backstreet boozers in Local Legends: The Hidden Pubs of London from Prestel. These watering holes are brought to life through stunning photography, their idiosyncratic hosts and quirky artifacts. This invaluable book is as informative as it is collectible and ideal for Father’s Day. Available from good booksellers. For stockists visit prestel.com. Follow @prestel_publishing

RRP: £32.50

Ages: Adults

The Man From Sector Six

Embark on a thrilling spy adventure this Father’s Day with The Man From Sector Six, the latest home escape room from The Mystery Agency and Olivier-winning writer Henry Lewis. In the fourth instalment in this acclaimed series, navigate through multiple brainteasers and locks, uncover a hidden website and hack into the agency’s secrets. Available from themysteryagency.com

RRP: £50

Ages: 12+