Start-Rite Shoes, the experts in children’s fitted footwear, is encouraging families to make 15 small changes to their everyday routine to help protect the future of our planet.

The year-long #Find15 challenge kicks-off today with the first in a series of seasonal blogs that offers inspiration and simple swaps to help families lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The intention is that by the close of 2022, lots of families will have integrated 15 small changes, that when combined, make a real difference.

Hugo Adams, CEO, comments: “Our children are well educated on global warming and climate change and their message is clear: less talk, more action. Given our business purpose is to protect children, their growing voice has inspired our latest campaign #Find15.  We are committed to making more sustainable choices at our head office too and will be sharing our progress throughout the year.  Although these changes appear to be small, we know that by working together we can make the difference our children need to see.”

Start-Rite will be encouraging families to share their success and ideas via its social media platforms by using #Find15.

Five ways to kick off a more sustainable Spring below. Read the full blog at https://www.startriteshoes.com/blog/find15-small-steps-to-be-kinder-to-the-planet

5 ways for a sustainable spring:-

  1. Swap plastic wrap for beeswax – A natural alternative to clingfilm, the wrap conserves food naturally, reducing the need for single use plastic.
  2. Choose plastic-free baby wipes – 11 billion wipes are used every day, most include plastic and will take 100 years to disappear, so opt for water-based, plastic free wipes that biodegrade and are compostable.
  3. Consider leather alternative – Start-Rite’s Vegan School Shoe collection was created for our customers seeking a hard-wearing alternative for their ethically minded youngsters.
  4. Upcycle planters –Create a mini veg patch or flower bed from recycled containers. Rain hats, ice-cream tubs and old wellies make eye-catching planters.
  5. Walk a Daily Mile – Encourage children and families to ditch the car for short journeys, get their hearts pumping faster and enjoy the beautiful Springtime bloom. Start-Rite proudly support The Daily Mile to actively promote the importance of walking.

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