Five top tips from LittleLife for exploring outdoors with adventurous toddlers:

  1. Support little ones to gain confidence in their physical ability by playing games with targets, such as ‘find something yellow’, ‘hug that tree’, ‘collect five sticks’. Deliberate play like this gives children a sense of achievement which contributes to a growing confidence and belief in their ability, while supporting their physical development through movement.
  2. Pack a LittleLife Mini First Aid Kit in your handbag, or change bag, to cater for any trips or bumps along the way as little ones excitedly find their feet on uncertain terrain.
  3. Little ones love the sense of independence their own backpack gives them and it’s a great place for them to collect and store treasure they find, to look through and celebrate when they are home.
  4. For independent little explorers and for whenever you are close to a road, consider a LittleLife Toddler Backpack with Rein, so that you can keep them close while they still feel the independence to explore. Little ones will love the range of fun characters to choose from in the LittleLife range.
  5. No-one ever intentionally adds to the laundry pile! With April showers incoming, wellies and waterproofs are a must to protect clothes from mud stains and parents from additional laundry. Simply remove and wipe down when you get home.  

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