From Feeding Fun To Meeting Milestones

The multi-use dreamgenii feeding pillow does it all!

The award winning, dreamgenii Feeding Pillow will become the ultimate sidekick for you and your little one and a multi-use addition for your daily routine. Whether you want hassle-free feeding sessions, enjoyable tummy time adventures or effortless support in helping baby reach those exciting sitting-up milestones, the 4-in-1 dreamgenii feeding pillow is there to assist!

Made from 100% jersey cotton, this versatile pillow offers support and cosy comfort for mum and baby, however you use it. Its super soft, breathable material is easy to clean making it perfect for everything from feeding to playing. Plus, with its innovative, ergonomic design, this pillow ensures that baby is always in the prime position to encourage a better latch that can help to improve digestion.

The many ways to use your dreamgenii Feeding pillow:

A feeding friend – Crafted for the perfect fit around your waist, the dreamgenii Feeding Pillow brings cozy comfort to both you and your little one. Whether you’re breast or bottle-feeding, this pillow is expertly filled to provide just the right level of support, ensuring unparalleled comfort during feeding times. Say goodbye to arm, back and neck strain, as this innovative pillow takes the pressure off, allowing you to focus on bonding with your baby without any discomfort!

C-section support – The dreamgenii Feeding Pillow does more than just relieve strains from feeding, it’s a must-have for mums recovering from a c-section too. The wrap-around shape takes the pressure off your abdomen, ensuring a comfortable, pain and stress-free feeding experience.

Tummy time triumphs – This specially designed pillow provides gentle elevation, which can help reduce strain on baby’s neck and shoulders, while encouraging them to lift their head to help strengthen upper body muscles. The ergonomic shape ensures baby is positioned safely and comfortably, enabling longer and more enjoyable tummy time sessions.

Magical milestones – The dreamgenii Feeding Pillow isn’t just for cosy feeding sessions, it’s also the ultimate support system for your little one as they learn to sit up. With its perfect blend of comfort and stability, this versatile pillow helps your baby gain confidence and balance, turning their wobbles into milestones.

The new dreamgenii feeding pillow with Jersey Cotton Covers are available in Grey Marl or Beige Marl RRP: £34.99 can be bought online from Baby Central, as well as other leading retailers.