Fuss-free bath time for dogs

A muddy dog is generally a happy dog, but thanks to KLEENDOG’s innovative new system, doting owners will soon have those mucky pups washed, dried and (almost!) smelling of roses faster than you ever thought possible.

The KLEENDOG BATH SYSTEM consists of three unique components – a KLEENDOG Bath Barrier, a KLEENDOG Bath Mat and a super-absorbent, advanced dual surfaced, microfibre KLEENDOG Bath Robe.

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The KLEENDOG Bath Barrier fits into most standard size baths ‘damming’ the water and creating a confined area which calms the dog during washing. The KLEENDOG Bath Mat is heavy duty PVC with 72 suction cups which stops the dog from slipping about and also protects the bath surface from scratches. The other half of the bath is left dry holding the robe ready for wrapping. Simply bath the dog in one end; and then lift the dog into the robe and pull the soft fabric into position – without having to leave the bath at all – and saving yourself and the bathroom from a torrent of water shakes!

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The KLEENDOG Bath Robe is a unique design which guides it into the correct position, leaving the dog’s head free, but encasing its body in gorgeously soft, advanced technology, 400 gsm double-sided microfibre, which absorbs water seven times fast than regular towelling.

This means that even the fussiest dog can be quickly bathed and dried in the fastest time with the minimum fuss. Simply wrap in the bath robe and water is quickly absorbed with no need to rub (causing embarrassing, frizzy hair moments!). One side of the robe has longer fibres for super absorbency and once removed, the other side of the robe has shorter fibres for catching last drops of water and patting smooth the dog’s coat.

The Kleendog Bath Robe will withstand regular washing hundreds of time, lasting much longer than a regular towel – is available in three sizes: regular (95cm x 75cm), Large (100cm x 100cm) and Extra Large (120cm x 120cm) and can be purchased separately. This is ideal for those needing extra robes for wrapping soggy doggies in the car for the after-walk journey home or to cater for different sized dogs.

For more information visit www.kleendog.co.uk