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Why use SnoozeShade in Autumn?

September is here and leaves are starting to fall, signalling the beginning of Autumn. Whilst it might not be cold enough for the ‘big coat’ just yet crisp days are around the corner. Read on to find out why SnoozeShadepram and buggy shades are still a vital piece of kit and not just for Summer…

As a sleep cue

SnoozeShade is a baby sleep aid that minimizes and blurs visual distractions that can stop your little one from napping. It also can become a sleep trigger or cue as babies and toddlers start to recognize that when SnoozeShade goes on it’s time for a sleep. 

If you’re doing the school run with older children, using SnoozeShade means you can keep baby’s naps on track and run out the door!  Everyone benefits from maintaining a good daytime sleep routine as naps reduce cortisol in baby’s bloodstream which means it’s easier to go to sleep at night too. 

For sun safety (even in the Autumn)

Did you know that sun protection should be worn between April and October (even in the UK) as UV levels can be high enough to be dangerous – we think this is something more parents need to be aware of.  Doctors advise against the use of any sunscreen on babies younger than six months, so this makes SnoozeShade even more essential as we move into Autumn.

Protection from the elements

Plenty of fresh air is good for everyone – you and your baby. Getting outdoors at least once a day boosts your serotonin levels and elevates your mood too, so pop SnoozeShade on and get out and about guilt-free.

SnoozeShade can also be used as a protection against light wind and rain during the autumn months.  Whilst it’s not waterproof, SnoozeShade is able to provide some protection from light showers and is a great wind buffer. It can be used under or over a rain cover too (it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried) – so whatever the weather make sure SnoozeShade is onboard the buggy.

Which SnoozeShade is right for you?

This is a question we get asked a lot – it’s not your buggy that’s important it’s your baby’s age – for 0-6/9 months we suggest SnoozeShade Original and for 6/9 months and above a SnoozeShade Plus or Plus Deluxe is just the ticket.

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