Get Your Glow On with soya garden – Simple, Natural, Soy-Based Skincare that Redefines Beauty

Get your glow on this season and beyond with soya garden – simple, natural, soy-based skincare for busy lives! Harness the power of nature for vibrant skin and a more confident, empowered you – let the sensitive skin transformation begin!

At soya garden, beauty comes from within – a new definition of beautiful that’s all about clean, simple, good-for-you beauty. With a no-fuss regimen to balance and revitalise all skin types and a particular focus on sensitive skin, soya garden is the complete solution for the skin that glows on daily! 

Skincare rituals should be simple, fun and enjoyable – and soya garden was created with this in mind. With ingredients carefully chosen for their fantastic skin benefits, we are passionate about plant actives that ensure efficacy in a gentle way.

So what’s our secret? Soy extract – a game-changer for skin that offers a multitude of benefits.  Alongside the magic of bioactive soy extracts, soya garden also offers the hidden gem of plant protein. Containing Provelis (a high molecular weight protein), Natto Gum, and Glycine Soja Germ extract, plant protein works to envelop the skin, instantly smoothing visible surface wrinkles and imperfections.

Made in New Zealand, soya garden is inspired by the beauty and natural abundance of Aotearoa. Our team has spent the last 18 months carefully curating and creating the soya garden skincare line with some of the best chemists in the world. All of soya garden’s ingredients are sustainably and responsibly sourced, so you can indulge guilt-free. Gentle on your skin, soya garden is also treads lightly on the earth; free from animal testing, parabens and other nasties, you and your skin can rest easy. 

Each soya garden product is intentionally formulated to provide both individual benefits as well as working in synergy with the rest of the range. Harnessing the power of nature through unique, high-quality and innovative ingredients, soya garden delivers safer formulas and effective results. Great skin for the win!   

soya garden skincare range:

soya garden Foaming Wash:

A foaming cleanser for sensitive skin, with a beautiful, serum-like texture, soya garden Foaming Wash gently removes impurities while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture levels. The result? Soft, supple and dewy skin. Yes, please! With soy extracts working to reduce irritation, Foaming Wash also contains New Zealand Manuka honey to calm sensitive skin and leave it feeling bouncy and ready for the day ahead.

*Use 1-2 pumps in the palm of your hand, then work into a rich lather using cool or lukewarm water. Massage gently using a circular motion, rinse well.

soya garden Lotion:

Boasting a refreshing, softening effect, soya garden Lotion helps to protect against dryness, providing instant hydration and a fresh, happy complexion! Formulated with PENTAVITIN®, a 100 per cent naturally-derived plant extract that hydrates deep into dermal layers for up to 72 hours, the Lotion also contains soy extracts for improved skin flexibility, firmness and brightness. Active ingredient New Zealand Manuka honey helps to protect the skin, inspiring a healthy glow year-round. 

*Use morning and night after cleansing skin; simply add 2-3 drops to a cotton pad or hands and smooth gently over face.

soya garden Skin Essence

Give the hands of time a helping hand with soya garden Skin Essence; a hydrating superpower that helps to repair skin and fight premature signs of ageing. Infusing the skin with vital moisture and enhanced firmness, Skin Essence contains Soy extracts to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, alongside New Zealand Manuka honey to promote skin regeneration, repair cellular damage and lessen the appearance of scarring.

Boasting a beautiful texture with no stickiness, Skin Essence also contains Hyaluronic acid, which works to penetrate the skin and help lock in moisture for lasting hydration. With a thin, milky consistency that almost mimics a moisturiser, adding a couple of drops of this creamy essence to your daily skin regimen helps repair the skin’s moisture barrier and brighten dull skin on the cheeks. It works perfectly on skin when applied before bed; wake up to the softest, most glowing skin you’ve ever seen! With a portable, easy-to-use dispenser, the lightweight bottle is perfect for travel.

*Use morning and night, after preparing your skin with soya garden Lotion. Add 2-3 drops of product into your palms and smooth onto skin.

soya garden Soy Mask: 

A multi-faceted mask that works that dissolves the stresses of the day and gives you the firm, lustrous skin you deserve! Infusing intensive nutrition into your skin and instantly addressing dryness, the Soy Mask also helps reduce rough patches and fine lines, creating visibly smooth skin. The ideal mask for busy lives on the run – from home to school drop offs, gym to the office – get all the skin benefits you need on the fly!

Containing the antioxidant properties of soy extract, the Soy Mask helps to reduce pigmentation and increase collagen, while Hyaluronic acid promotes cell growth. New Zealand Manuka honey accelerates healing of damaged skin and calms inflammation. Even better, your skin will be beautifully prepped and ready for the next step in your beauty regimen. 

*Apply a thick, even layer to skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for approximately 10-15 minutes, then rinse.

soya garden Cream:

Inspire vitality and smooth, beautiful skin with soya garden Cream – a lightweight cream for a dewy, supple and radiant complexion. Giving your skin an instant moisture boost, the Cream utilises soy extracts to boost the skin’s collagen production, as well as New Zealand Manuka honey to soothe inflammation and help to heal blemishes. For soft, moisturised skin all day long, soya garden Cream is where it’s at! 

*Place desired amount of cream onto fingertip and blend thoroughly into skin.

soya garden Hand Cream:

A rich emollient cream to protect your hands against dryness, roughness and fine lines, soya garden Hand Cream will quickly become your winter go-to! With its concentrated formula that absorbs quickly, your hands and nails will feel instantly pampered. Intensive brightening ingredient Nicotinamide helps to diminish dullness for youthful, beautiful hands. Not just a pretty face, the Hand Cream also smells divine, rejuvenating the senses and adding a touch of luxe to the everyday. 

*Apply a small amount to clean, dry hands and gently massage from wrist to fingertips until absorbed. Use daily, reapplying as needed or whenever hands become visibly dry.

The complete soya garden range including soya garden Foaming Wash (RRP $59.95, 150ml), Lotion (RRP $59.95, 150ml), Skin Essence (RRP $72.95, 30ml), Soy Mask (RRP $79.95, 100ml), Cream (RRP $72.95, 50ml) and Hand Cream (RRP $29.95, 60ml) is available at

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