As an alternative to gifting toys, games, or electronic gifts this Christmas, you can now give beecard, and gift a special child in your life the choice of a huge range of fun children’s activities and classes – activities that will play an important role in helping the physical and mental wellbeing of our youngsters.

beecard  is a unique giftcard that has been created in partnership with What’s On 4 Kids and Think Smart Software, two leading names in the children’s activities sector.  Their aim is to enable family members and friends, to give a truly thoughtful gift to a special child in their life – a life-changing gift that promotes health and well-being, fun, educational benefits, and one that little ones can experience and enjoy with their family.

By gifting a beecard, a child, with their parents / carers, will be able to choose from some of the best and most popular children’s activities and classes in their area. From award-winning sports, music, drama and dance activities to academic and language classes.  Local activities available on beecard offer something for children of all ages, from babies to teens, to select from across the whole of the UK.  

This year too due to the pandemic, budgets might be a little tighter than usual, so gifting a choice of activities, will help family members make a positive contribution to a child’s life in a really meaningful way, that’s also fun and memorable.  Plus, gifting a beecard will help to support local businesses at this most crucial time. 

Dr Amanda Gummer, a Child Development Expert and author of the Good Toy Guide, said: “The beecard is a lovely opportunity to give children a gift that will last well into the new year and enable them to try new skills and make new friends. A beecard can be used to book a huge range of local children’s classes across the UK.  Older family members might like to give a beecard as a way to pass on their own love of a particular activity, promoting family bonds and supporting children’s holistic development. Children’s classes promote social development as well as giving children an opportunity to develop new skills – from sports to arts and crafts and everything in between – finding an activity that a child enjoys boosts his/her confidence and promotes general well-being too.”

“Giving children an opportunity to find an activity, and one they enjoy – from sports to arts and crafts and everything in between – is a special life-changing gift that will boost their confidence and promote general well-being,” confirmed Amanda.

With beecard, you simply choose your giftcard design, the amount you want to gift, and when you want it to arrive.  It will be emailed to the chosen recipient on your chosen date and is valid for 12 months.  You also have the choice to send a physical gift card if you want to.

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beecard has been backed by the Government’s Innovate UK* programme for its contribution to promoting the health and well-being of children and for supporting local businesses in the children’s activity sector.