Give children the gift of dreams with Kidcrowd

The pressure of finding the ultimate Christmas gift for children can be tough. While parents (and Santa of course) always know which toys are at the top of a gift list, wider family and friends often worry about what will bring a smile at Christmas time.

While piles of presents and huge boxes bursting with surprises are always exciting, even for the grown ups, the fact is that many plastic toys and packaging all end up in landfill, causing wider issues every Christmas.

For those searching for a present and looking to make a positive impact in 2020, turn to Kidcrowd to give children something they really want this Christmas. The unique digital gifting service helps relatives and friends give gifts like never before, supporting the long term future of the children they care about.

Free to use, parents simply create their child’s personal profile on the platform, and let friends and family know what gift or experience they are saving for. The link is quickly and easily sent to loved ones who can donate an amount of their choice with a personal message.

When all donations have been made, parents can withdraw the savings pot and put the funds towards a gift that they know will put a smile on their child’s face. From bike accessories for a teenager, to a trip to Legoland for a 4 year old, Kidcrowd can support children of all ages save up for their ultimate gift this year. Melissa Roberts, founder of Kidcrowd said: “What most of us don’t realise is that almost 1 in 5 gifts ending up in landfill[1]. Driving down unnecessary waste is something I am incredibly passionate about, which is one of the reasons I created Kidcrowd.

“The beauty of this platform is that it teaches children the value of money, encourages saving and puts a stop to buying throwaway plastics and unnecessary wrapping papers. It also reduces some of the stress for family members who never know what to buy. Many people may not be able to visit their wider family and loved ones this Christmas, but with our platform you can show how much you care, even if you can’t visit in person.”

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