HAPSIE, a fun new daily comic for young eco-warriors launches in print & digital.

Delivering daily original stories to amuse, amaze, and educate all readers, a new print & digital comic book has launched called HAPSIE, promising to entertain eco-warriors from the ages of 7 and up with enjoyable, silly yet educational comic strips.

Launching in time for Earth Day 2021, HAPSIE.com can be read free online, with an option of subscribing to the bi-annual HAPSIE Hodgepodge, a hardback consisting of ‘over 200+ pages of HAPSINESS’.

In addition to a website of endless jokes and original games, HAPSIE also includes daily videos of nature filmed by the HAPSIE team and presented by two of the main characters, Naeco & Ria- who represent the Ocean & Air.

HAPSIE is the creation of renewable energy company Clean Planet Energy whose mission is to clean the world of plastic waste and help reduce carbon emissions.

“Every weekday at 2.30 pm we unveil a new story from one of the 10+ brilliant HAPSIE characters. Most of the time these stories help us better the world around us in an entertaining way, other times they are just being a little bit silly”, says Bertie Stephens, CEO of Clean Planet Energy, and acting as the inaugural Editor of the HAPSIE comic.

“Accessible, Diverse, and Enjoyable were key milestones when planning HAPSIE. We wanted the content to be free and entertaining for all ages, and with a team of writers and illustrators in 6 of the 7 continents we hope our stories and characters can help reflect all walks of life”, Stephens continued.

The first print edition of the 300-page bumper HAPSIE Hodgpodge is released on May 14th 2021, and readers can have it delivered at HAPSIE.com for £3.25/month, or pay a discounted annual fee of £35. Readers who subscribe to the Annual Plan before the release date will also receive a free extra Autumn edition of the Hodgepodge.

HAPSIE can be accessed for free online at hapsie.com, where you can already read stories from some of the original ‘HAPSIE Crew’ members, including:

  • Cunning Carly, who tricks grown-ups into being better with her fun plans and distractions.
  • Upcycle Michael, where if there’s life left in it, Michael won’t bin it!
  • Ellie Ment, HAPSIE’s in-house science whizzzz. Conjuring up the elements to help save the day!
  • Stefon Back, the boy who can step on back in time, which is useful as he loves history!
  • Greedy Greg, the only adult in the HAPSIE crew, a businessman who just loves to make money at the expense of everyone else. It rarely goes well however…
  • Adah Action, helping the world and making a change needs people to take action, and that’s exactly what Adah does!
  • Ignorant Ike, Ike does what Ike wants. Disrespectful to the world around her, but every week the planet teaches Ike a lesson!

You can enjoy stories from these characters, and many more, for free, at HAPSIE.com – available now online, on mobile, and in print.