Helping Prevent Early Season Hay Fever

Depending on the weather over the previous 6 months or so, trees can start pollinating in February. This can spell disaster if you or your child is allergic to the pollen of one of those trees. Trees that pollinate in February are alder, hazel, elm and willow, and the peak of the alder and hazel season can start in February.

Common hay fever symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose, a stuffed up nose, itchy and watery or streaming eyes, nasal congestion and a general stuffed up feeling in the nose and throat. They occur due to the body mistakenly reacting to an innocuous substance such as pollen that it sees as a threat.

Some people also experience itching around the face and mouth including an itchy mouth, itchy roof of mouth, and a burning sensation in the throat. Headaches and wheezing can also occur, and an overall achy feeling, or build up of pressure in the entire face area. The sinus area is often the most painful.
Whether you are allergic to alder, hazel, elm, willow, or other tree pollen, like birch, later in spring, HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms are proven in university studies to trap all types of tree pollen [1].

As HayMax is organic, drug-free and non-drowsy, it is suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding mums, drivers, machine operators, and during sports and exams. It is available in 5 varieties – Pure, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Frankincense and HayMax Kids – each an equally effective barrier to pollen.

HayMax Kids, like all HayMax varieties, works on the prevention principle. This is different from most other hay fever treatments and remedies, and seeks to stop pollen getting into the body before it can cause a reaction, rather than attempting to treat the symptoms or the effects of the pollen once they occur.

HayMax is a simple idea, is easy to use and many parents find it works so well and love it. That’s the magic of HayMax.

HayMax is applied around the rim of the nostrils and bones of the eyes to help prevent pollen and other airborne allergens getting into the body. It has been proven to trap over one third of pollen before it gets in the body [2]. Less pollen, less reaction. And 80% of hay fever sufferers say HayMax works [3].

HayMax has an rrp of £8.49 per pot and is available from Holland & Barrett, selected Superdrug and Boots, Ocado, independent pharmacies, chemists and health stores and direct from HayMax at and on 01525 406600.

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