Helping Prevent Hay Fever during Pregnancy

Many pregnant and breast-feeding mums choose to go drug-free as they don’t want to take something that might harm their baby. HayMax is the perfect choice as it’s a natural prevention, drug-free, organic and non-drowsy.  This award-winning allergen barrier balm has been described as a ‘lifesaver’ and many pregnant and breast-feeding mums ‘can’t recommend HayMax highly enough.’

The NHS website states “Improving the population’s health and preventing illness and disease is key to reducing health inequalities and is at the heart of the NHS Long Term Plan.”

HayMax has embraced this principle and is the original natural, organic, drug-free prevention for hay fever sufferers, now in its 20th year. Leading the way for almost 2 decades, HayMax has now won over 60 awards, including several BizzieBaby Gold Awards, Soil Association BOOM Award, British Made Award, Enterprise Award, Global 100 Award and Corporate America Today Annual Award.

HayMax is a simple idea, is easy to use and so many people find it works and love it. That’s the magic of HayMax.

Jayne Picton comments, “I am pregnant with my first baby and was having such an awful time with my hay fever. There was nothing for me to take and I was feeling so miserable and sorry for myself! Thankfully I came across HayMax and I haven’t looked back since! I simply apply it throughout the day, my uncomfortable symptoms are no more and the best part is I know this will not harm my baby. Thanks Hay Max, what a lifesaver you have been for me!”

And Claire says, “Just discovered your product. I am feeding my son myself and I’m unable to take oral products. Won’t be going back to tablets. Can’t recommend HayMax highly enough.”

HayMax works on the prevention principle. This is different from most other hay fever treatments and remedies, and seeks to stop pollen getting into the body before it can cause a reaction, rather than attempting to treat the symptoms or the effects of the pollen once they occur.

HayMax is applied around the rim of the nostrils and bones of the eyes to help prevent pollen and other airborne allergens getting into the body. Independent university studies show that HayMax traps over a third of pollen before it enters the body, in addition to dust mite allergens and pet dander [1]. And 80% of hay fever sufferers say HayMax works [2].

HayMax contains only 100% natural ingredients. It contains simple, organic ingredients: sunflower oil, beeswax and a small amount of natural vitamin E. Plus essential oils or organic aloe vera leaf extract, are added for the other varieties.

HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms rrp is £8.49 per pot and they are available from independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, selected Superdrug and Boots, on 01525 406600 and


[1] Chief Investigator: Professor Roy Kennedy, Principal Investigator: Louise Robertson, Researcher: Dr Mary Lewis, National Pollen & Aerobiology Research Unit, 1st February 2012.

[2] ‘The Impact of Hay Fever – a survey by Allergy UK’, Allergy UK [the leading national charity providing support, advice and information for those living with allergic disease], supported and funded by HayMax™, April 2016.