Here is your Summer Holiday Gift guide

Check out new toys, games and book releases ideal for top entertainment for your children this summer

Plus-Plus Tubes

Set play free this summer with Plus-Plus Tubes, whichoffer open-ended play to create models in either simple or intricate 2D or 3D builds. Once completed, take apart and start again to create something completely new or store it back in the clear travel-friendly tube to take with you on the go. The summer range includes Tropical, Rainbow and the new Pearl Tubes. Available from and other good toy and gift stores. Follow @ plusplus_official

On-Sale: Now

RRP: £6.99 (100pc), £11.99 (240pc)

Ages: 5+

Plus-Plus HEXEL®

Unleash your creativity this summer with HEXEL®, the new fidget toy for hands of all sizes. Crafted with six Plus-Plus BIG pieces connected by a flexible cord, its simple design flexes to fit any lifestyle. HEXEL® bends, twists and connects to allow you to create mesmerizing forms or simply let it sooth and satisfy as you play. Quiet, pocket-friendly and portable for anytime fidgeting at your fingertips. Available in three colour variations from and other good toy and gift stores. Follow@ plusplus_official

On-Sale: Now

RRP: £12.99

Ages: 5+

Plus-Plus Learn To Build

The play possibilities are endless this summer with Learn to Build sets, the perfect way to introduce new creators to the world of Plus-Plus as well as inspire experienced fans. With the 250-piece Learn to Build Robots, you can create small robots with big personalities. Dive into a silly world of goofy pets and amazing colours with the 275-piece Learn to Build Pets. Available from and other good toy and gift stores.

Follow@ plusplus_official

On-Sale: Now

RRP: £15.99

Ages: 5+

Farplace Games

Every Farplace card game sold helps charitable animal rescue work and each pack is for two players, making them great summer travel accessories. It’s a race for purrfection in Cat Days, who will be the ulti-mutt champion in Woof Days and get set for pre-historic panic in Dino Days. Available at

On-Sale: May 2024

RRP: £5.99 each plus P&P

Ages: 6+

Anger Smash

Chill out this summer with Anger Smash from Weird Games, a fast-paced, strategic card game for families and friends, offering a delightful blend of tension, competition and sabotage. Be the first to collect a complete set of Anger and Zen cards while sabotaging opponents with clever use of BloodBoilers and Disruptors. Available from Follow @howamiweirdgames.

On-Sale: 28th March 2024

RRP: £14.99

Ages: 8+   

A Weekend Trip

A diverse cast of charming characters take a trip to a beachside resort in this new Prestel book for young readers, A Weekend Trip. Delightfully detailed and brightly coloured spreads follow families as they pack their bags; travel by car, train, bike and bus; arrive at hotels, campsites and cottages; and take part in all kinds of activities like swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating and reading. Available from good booksellers. For stockists visit Follow @presteljuniorinternational

On-Sale: 21st May 2024

RRP: £11.99

Ages: 2+