HottMitt: The heated pushchair mitten that also charges your phone.

Introducing the The HottMitt: the saviour of cold hands this winter! The HottMitt is a heated pushchair mitten that also has a built in phone holder that allows you to not only use the touch screen, but also charge your device. Inventor Mark Stewart said, “With two kids under four, I know the pain of cold hands when walking with a pushchair in the winter. The HottMitt keeps my hands toasty and also lets me see my phone screen so I can select my podcast or see messages easily.” A simple button press gives a five minute burst of heat, gently warming cold hands on chilly winter days.

The phone holder sits conveniently in the centre of the mitten. Slide your phone in and you can see and even use the touch screen thanks to the ClearTouch window. As an added bonus, you can also use the HottMitt to charge your phone. With the lithium battery pack that is included with the HottMitt, there is power for two to three hours of heating, or two full charges of most mobile phones. The simple Velcro fitment is designed to work with any pushchair that has a ‘hoop’ style handle, making it suitable for most pushchairs on the market.

The HottMitt retails for £89.99 and is available exclusively at Until the end of November users can take advantage of an ‘early bird’ discount of £30. The first HottMitts will ship in early December 2019.

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