Infant Colic and Reflux: A talk with BioGaia’s gastro-paediatrician Dr Marc Bellaïche

Midwives, paediatricians, maternity nurses, influencers and journalists flocked from across the UK to attend BioGaia’s talk at a very unique venue – Greenwich Yacht Club. Over a spectacular view of the Thames, French gastro-paediatrician Dr Marc Bellaïche delivered a talk on the causes, treatment and prevention of common infant complaints, including colic and reflux.

Travelling all the way from Paris for the event, Dr Bellaïche shared his expertise on infant FGIDs (Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders), and how baby’s gut can play a large role in their overall health. As a gastroenterologist at the Teaching Hospital Robert Debré for Mothers and Children in France, Dr Bellaïche has years of first hand experience in the field.

With a mix of both parents and medical professionals in the audience, colic was naturally a hot topic. An inconsolable crying and fussing baby naturally causes stress and panic for parents. You may seek medical advice to ease your concerns, but often they prescribe antibiotics and PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors). However, Dr Bellaïche suggests that probiotics may be a better way to both ease and prevent colic.

In recent years, researchers such as those at BioGaia have seen a lower number of a certain type of bacteria in colicky infants than in those without the complaint.

Probiotics can therefore replace the missing bacteria, regulating gut function and easing colic symptoms.

‘I used BioGaia just to strengthen [my baby’s] gut and it did really help. She changed – like a different baby – when she started using BioGaia.’

 Eden Tabuzo, Maternity Nurse

Following the talk, Dr Bellaïche invited the audience to ask any questions. It was incredible to hear the testimonials of all of the medical professionals present who have seen success with BioGaia and infant probiotics. The Swedish probiotics company is rapidly proving more and more popular amongst both health professionals and parents!

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