Introducing Gaia Baby: The Design-Led Nursery Specialist with Sustainability at its Core

Meet Gaia Baby; the design-led nursery specialist with a sustainability promises and a passionate commitment to our planet.

A Family Brand With a Philosophy:

Founded in 2018 by industry experts Karl Millergill and Joanne O’Grady, Gaia Baby is a business that has ‘family’ at its core. It takes pride in crafting innovative collections of beautiful, practical and, importantly, timeless furniture collections, that not only evolve with baby but also serve multiple functions. It uses finely sourced sustainable materials, embodying a conscious approach to responsible living under the ethos of ‘from our family to yours’.

Leading the Way:

As a business, Gaia Baby is proud to promote innovation and continues to investigate and experiment with the latest sustainable raw materials, fabrics, and methodologies to bring its customers the latest, best, and most sustainable products possible.  From woodwork to upholstery to metals, each piece is designed to have minimal impact on the environment.

Gaia Baby’s products nestle neatly under four key ranges:

Serena Collection:

The signature award-winning Serena Collection brings a stylised look to any nursery with sleek contours and aluminium highlights. A bedside crib, cot bed, dresser, iconic nursing chair, and footstool, the patented Serena Collection is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort for both baby and parent. The Serena Bedside Cot is the only fully certified co-sleeper that can be converted into a full-size cot. Multi-functional and made from the finest quality birch wood, this collection offers a sustainable solution for parents who value both form and function.

Hera Collection:

Building on the success of Serena, the Hera Collection, is a suite of furniture that stays true to the brand’s principles of sustainability and design. This contemporary collection, with a nod to mid-century design, is a true family of products built to last, with multiple uses and crafted from sustainable materials. It is made from Ash wood, which is chosen for its beautiful grain finish and is valued as highly eco-friendly material. This is sourced in upstate New York.  The hero Hera Bedside Crib stands out as a ‘best-in-class’ product, meticulously designed with family needs in mind.

Leto Collection:

The classic Leto Collection seamlessly combines style with functionality, offering everything needed to complete a nursery – a cot bed, dresser, and wardrobe. Designed to grow with the child, each piece converts for use up to the age of five years. Sustainable by nature, the Leto Collection is crafted from ethically sourced materials, minimizing its impact on Mother Earth.

Carry Collection:

For parents on the go, Carry is a collection of carriers made from sustainable fabrics that are fully biodegradable. Created with 100% organic certified cotton and the award-winning, bio-based textile TENCEL™, these carriers offer a hands-free and eco-friendly mode of transportation for babies, suitable for all body shapes and sizes.

With family values and sustainability at its core, Gaia Baby is the baby brand with the future in mind. Products are available nationwide from all reputable nursery retailers. For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram.