Every new Mum knows how precious pumped breast milk is and MilkStrip’s revolutionary new testing kits are set to become an essential by their side. Providing instant reassurance on the freshness and nutritional profile of breast milk, the at home diagnostic kits and corresponding MilkStrip app delivers results right when parents need them, at home and in just three minutes.

Using patented technology, MilkStrip reduces wastage of breast milk by up to 75% and empowers mothers with the tools, insights and confidence to allow them to take a proactive approach to breastfeeding.

Mums want to know exactly what they are feeding their babies and when a half-finished bottle has been left on the kitchen counter or forgotten about in the fridge, it’s hard to know if it’s still safe for consumption or not. Most Mums go by the mantra of ‘better safe than sorry’ leading to precious breast milk being thrown out, when it is often still fresh and totally fine to use. MilkStrip’s Expiration Breast Milk Rapid Test provides an easy to use, accurate solution; dip the strip in the milk, place it on the reference card and scan it in the app – no more uncertainty and no more unnecessary waste, knowledge is power and all in 120 seconds!

In addition, mothers are often unaware of their milk’s nutritional content and whether it is optimal for their growing babies. Babies receive all the necessary nutrients they need through breast milk and one of the most vital for proper immune function is vitamin C. When breast milk is pumped, this can be degraded after a short period of time. Milkstrip’s Vitamin C Breast Milk Rapid Test checks the level of vitamin C,giving parents the confidence that their babies are receiving all the nutrients they need for a healthy immune system.

Expiration Breastmilk Rapid Test – confirms whether or not stored breast milk is expired (£15.99)

Vitamin C Breastmilk Rapid Test – detects vitamin C levels in stored breast milk (£15.99)

MilkStrip was founded by bio-tech scientists, friends and working mothers, Avital Beck and Hadas Shatz-Azoulay. While breastfeeding their own babies, they realised there were many mums worldwide who had the same questions they had about breast milk and they wanted to use science to help provide the answers.         Instagram: MilkStrip_UK                                    Facebook: MilkstripUK