Introducing… ST&G’s Amazingly Adventure-Filled Great British Map of Wonders

A map of the funnest thing to do in Britain!

Welcome to brilliant Britain! There are so many amazingly adventure-filled things to do here in Britain that it’s hard to understand them all without a ginormous map. Well, that’s handy! On this ginormous map, you’ll find 1,000 of the funnest things to do and places to go around Britain. And that’s not all – there are great games to play, tick boxes and notes sections to fill in, and even a huge colouring-in map on the back. Let the adventure unfold!


GREAT GAMES to play at home and on the road!

TICK BOXES to mark places you want to go / things you want to do!


NOTES SECTIONS to create lists, write stories and generally mess about!  

There’s literally everything from theme parks to museums, welly walks and cool castles. You’ll find some very funny place names on there too!

The perfect Easter holiday boredom buster for children aged 6 and up. 


Full-colour, two-sided map of Great Britain with over 1,000 amazing activities and experiences. Folds out to 100 cm x 89 cm (but could expand your horizons considerably further). Age 6 years and up.

ST&G’s Amazingly Adventure-Filled Great British Map of Wonders is available now at, priced at £14.99 for the double-sided fold-out version, £19.99 for double-sided wall map and £119.99 framed. 

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