Introducing the NEW Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dinnerware for Kids from Tinkie Toys

would like to introduce their new

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dinnerware for Kids


By 2050 scientists believe there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

Plastic is polluting our waterways, our oceans and creating endless mountains of landfill that will simply not decompose in our lifetime, or our children’s lifetimes.

There will never be a better time for us to go eco. We need to start making alternative choices to live more sustainably now.


Bamboo is a renewable resource and has an amazing growth rate.

Unlike hardwoods that can take over 40 years to mature in time for harvesting, bamboo may be harvested in 1 to 5 years.

It requires no agricultural chemicals to thrive and when harvested the root system is left in situ for the next shoot to spring up, preventing much soil degradation and erosion to that of traditional wooden plantations.

Not only that, it is strong and versatile, and can replace wood in nearly every application from paper to building materials. One can only be in awe when seeing it’s use as scaffolding in multistory developments – it’s impressive!

Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere that an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.

It’s not hard to see the benefits of this amazing wood and the reason why Tinkie Toys has selected the material to create their new dinner sets for kids.


Tinkie Toys Bamboo Dinner Sets are not only an eco friendly product, but also a fun addition to dinnertime for kids.

Made from natural wooden bamboo fibre the sets are toxic free, biodegradable and dishwasher safe.

Complete with a child’s plate & bowl, toddler cutlery, and a fantastic weaning cup with that all important grip handle for those tiny hands.

The set is durable, lightweight, the perfect size for little humans and would make for a wonderful gift.

I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to pick my favourite design – Safari Animals, London, Rainbow Unicorn or Dinosaur?

Visit to grab your set today.

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You will not be disappointed with these fantastic dinner sets!

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