Introducing The Pods Book Of Fun And Happiness

Be Happy Be Kind Be You
Meet The Pods is an inclusive company with a particular interest in supporting those with special needs in the workplace.

The Pods are a group of 8 characters that live on their very own Planet Pod, whilst at the same time interacting in our world. They are always looking to have fun, trying to understand the world and motivate, inspire and entertain all those they meet. They celebrate each other’s strengths and differences. Together, through humour and teamwork they address all of life’s ups, downs and triumphs.

Through their unique diversity, they help children to learn and understand that we are all individuals and collectively we can acknowledge each other’s individuality.

The Pods post daily on social media.  With an array of content ranging from jokes, motivational quotes, positive thoughts and their very own interpretation of world events, their channels provide a daily dose of fun, positivity and inspiration.
They have become so popular that they decided to create The Pods Book of Fun and Happiness and they are super excited to announce its launch.

Check out the website here

The book is full of The Pods favourite jokes, ready to make you giggle and quotes to make you smile, it will make a perfect present for young and old alike.
 Here’s a sneaky peak….

The Pods ultimate goal is to donate a percentage of their future profits to fund “Support Ambassadors” for young people, helping those with special needs to find work and provide on-going workplace support.  They would act as a ‘go-between’ employer and employee, helping to facilitate work life whilst understanding the needs of employees with special needs. This would enable both employer and employee to get the most out of working together.
To help kick start the The Pods Book of Fun and Happiness, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign. To find out more about The Pods and their fantastic new book and how you can be part of their new journey whilst at the same time helping them to create more opportunities for others in the future click here

You can now Preorder here

f you would like to see more of The Pods and their daily dose of fun, positivity and inspiration, check out their website The Pods or you can follow them on
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