Introducing the Sounds U Like – a comprehensive sleep aid to promote better sleep habits

The Sounds U Like Musical Baby Night Light is an innovative sleep solution that helps your baby settle into their sleep routine with ease!

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When you find out you’re going to be a parent, one of the first things your friends will say to you is ‘Goodbye to your lie-ins!’… and, we’re sorry to say, they’re probably right!

That’s why Eggcellent Lighting have designed the Sounds U Like Musical Baby Night Light!

The soft, soothing light creates a tranquil bedtime atmosphere and gives off just enough light to make it ideal for those night time feeds and nappy changes.

You can personalise your baby’s bedtime routine with any music or sound with the ability to upload any music or sound you like! Numerous studies have shown that white noise can significantly help your baby drift off to sleep or your baby may prefer a gentle lullaby.

The Sounds U Like  has the option for you to record your own voice with its built-in microphone. You could sing a lullaby, record gentle shushing sounds or even just the sound of your voice may be enough to comfort baby back to sleep. The built-in cry detector will automatically start should your baby wake during the night and play for 30 minutes.

It comes with music preloaded to to get you started before you start to personalise your baby’s bedtime routine with your chosen sounds.

The Sounds U Like is more than just a night light, it is a comprehensive sleep aid product designed to help your baby settle and promote better sleep habits.

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