Jane Mason offers advice and tips on how to manage anxiety, stress and depression during pregnancy

Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time when you are blooming with radiance; however in reality you can feel stressed, anxious and experience low mood whilst coping with many different pregnancy woes. Having a baby is a life changing event therefore it’s quite natural for anxiety to creep in as you ponder about how life will change, what type of parent you will become, if you can afford it and that’s not to mention your hopes and fears about labour. Anxiety can affect you both physically and mentally and high levels of stress can increase your chance of having a premature birth or a low birth-weight baby so it’s important for both you and your little one to manage your stress where possible.

Exercise​ stimulates your endorphins which are your feel good hormones. It’s completely safe to continue to exercise in pregnancy and it’s really beneficial for you and your baby as well as preparing you for the physicality of labour. We recommend spritzing yourself with our ​Cool it Mama ​and going for a lovely woodland walk. The natural calming ingredients will help soothe the mind and soul. Have some “me time” – ​Pregnancy can be such a busy time as you prepare for your baby’s arrival whilst normal life also rides along with work commitments and family events to fit in as well. Juggling all of this is enough to stress anyone out never mind when you’re hormonal at the same time! So make sure you have some down time to have some quiet time to yourself or with your partner. Turn off all the technology and read a feel-good book, enjoy some time outdoors, practice mindfulness, enjoy a massage using our ​Nourish & Relieve​, take a relaxing bubble bath with​ Best Washes​, get your nails painted, or start a pregnancy journal.

Breathe Practicing deep breathing exercises will help both you and your baby to stay calm during pregnancy. It will give a good supply of oxygen in the lungs by removing waste products and will help calm the nervous system. Spray​ Cool It Mama or Sleepy Mama ​on your entire body for an instant cooling and calming effect that will help to feel more relaxed.

Try not to stress about feeling stressed, worry about feeling anxious or get depressed about feeling low. If you are worried about how you’re feeling it’s important that you talk to your midwife so she can offer help. In the meantime we offer a range of products that contain ingredients to help combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Please find below the best natural ingredients that will help to de-stress and help with anxiety during pregnancy.

Neroli and Ylang Ylang ● Cool it Mama​ contains Neroli which is a relaxing and calming natural ingredient. Neroli assists in reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. ● It also contains Ylang Ylang which helps to uplift feelings of anxiety, low mood and stress.

Black Pepper ● Best Washes ​contains Black Pepper which can help in reviving tired and stressed muscles and calm anxieties.

Cypress Oil, Frankincense ● Bosom Buddies ​Our ‘Ooh!’ blend contains Cypress which helps calm and relax both your body and mind. This can also be used as for incense oils ● Our ‘Ouch!’ blend contains Lavender, Neroli and Frankincense essential oils which help to calm anxiety, relax the mind and helps to lower stress levels.

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