Kid-friendly Ketchup Voted Best Children’s Product

Does your child love ketchup on everything but you worry about the high levels of sugar and salt they are consuming, not to mention the hidden nasties? Put your mind at ease at mealtimes and reach for Real Good Ketchup, the delicious, natural and no added sugar.

Real Good Ketchup has just been voted the Best Children’s Product in the World Food Innovation Awards 2021 and taps into the wide-spread kids habit of adding ketchup, but in a more healthy way.

Perfect for the fussiest eaters and most health-conscious mums, Real Good Ketchup is  made with 100% natural ingredients, naturally-occurring sugars and 78% less salt than regular ketchups. It’s not only super tasty, but also allergen-free, free from artificial flavours and preservatives and vegan-friendly, making it a great healthy choice for the entire family and those following special diets and eating plans, including diabetes type 2 and nut allergies.

Whether you are serving up hot dogs and burgers during the summer months, or classic children’s meals for a small army, kids will adore Real Good Ketchup.

Real Good Tomato Ketchup is made from delicious Mediterranean tomatoes for a true tomatoey taste and only natural sugar alternatives, including xylitol from sustainable birch and beech wood in Scandinavia. Xylitol is reported to help promote healthy teeth and reduce plaque, another tick for parents!

Ideal for smaller hands, Real Good Tomato Ketchup is also available in a BPA free 100% recyclable easy squeezy bottle in two sizes, the small 315g Squeezy, RRP £2.20 and the larger 700g family size, RRP £2.99.

Real Good Ketchup is available to buy from Ocado and Wholefoods Market. For more information on Real Good Ketchup visit