Konfidence is delighted to be, finally, unveiling its world-first range of eco-friendly baby and children’s swimwear designs – the new Splashy™ range of swimming nappies, swimsuits and wetsuits that are made from Konfidence’s own environmentally-friendly e-Flex™ material.

Andrew Regan, the Founder of Konfidence, explains the reasoning behind the development of the new Splashy™ range of e-Flex™ products:
“Traditionally baby swimwear products like swim nappies and baby wetsuits have been made from neoprene which is a man-made rubber – an oil-based derivative. While neoprene has excellent stretch, recovery and warming qualities because it is made of oil it is not recyclable and
consequently it does have a significant impact on the environment.”
“Being based in Cornwall we are surrounded by the sea and we all too often see first-hand the impact from products that are carelessly discarded or thrown into landfill. As a business, as well as individuals, we wanted to make a conscious effort to be as environmentally-friendly as we can and
for a long time now, we have been looking for an alternative to this oil-based material. Thanks to recent advancements in technology and available materials we’ve been able to achieve this and as a consequence have created our own e-Flex™ material – to replace neoprene – to use in the
manufacture of our new Splashy™ baby and kids swimwear range.”

“e-Flex™ which combines nylon, polyester and recycled plastic, replicates many of the characteristics of neoprene; it offers the wearer comfort, support, flexibility and security but crucially it is a material that is environmentally kinder to the planet – plus it has all the same UV sun
protection properties on covered areas that our traditional neoprene baby and children swim products have,” confirmed Andrew.
Konfidence’s new baby swimwear range launches with a new Splashy™ Swim Nappy, Splashy™ Swimsuit and a Splashy™ Wetsuit – all baby and kids swimming essentials constructed using the
eco properties of e-Flex™.

The all-new Splashy™ Swim Nappy

Available in sizes from 3 months to 24 months, the Splashy™ Swim
Nappy offers swim schools the unique opportunity to promote a more
environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional
neoprene swim nappies. Constructed to a Swim School approved
design it remains soft, flexible and secure using Lycra™ around the
waist and on the leg hems to help keep little accidents where they
belong, long enough to get out of the pool in good time.

They also look really cute, with Konfidence re-creating designs using their most popular sea creature characters – Fergal, Seabiskit and Joni who welcome all efforts that can help reduce the use of plastics!

The all-new Splashy™ Swimsuit

Designed to complement the Splashy™ Swim Nappy, the Splashy™
Swimsuit has been designed for comfort using the same soft, flexible
recycled materials which help keep little ones aged from 3-24 months
warmer in the pool for longer. It’s Konfidence’s softest baby swimsuit
design to date and for holidays or sunny days in the garden it also
comes with the highest UVPF of 50+ for added protection on covered
areas. The swimsuits also colour co-ordinate with the Splashy™ Swim Nappy using the sea friends characters’ Fergal, Seabiskit and Joni.

The all-new Splashy™ Wetsuit

For budding surfies, the Splashy™ wetsuit is cut in a ‘Shortie’ wetsuit
style, but with e-Flex™’s soft plush lining it offers a new environmentally-friendly take on a trusted format for little ones aged 2-7 years. The Splashy™ wetsuits are equally at home in the swimming pool, the beach or the back garden keeping little ones warm, safe from the sun as well
as the wind. The all-new Splashy™ Wetsuit provides the highest sun protection, 50+ UVPF and the two beach styles, Maui Palm and Oahu Hibiscus, are available with matching Lycra sun hats. To complement
and co-ordinate with the rest of the Splashy™ range, the wetsuits are also available in styles featuring Konfidence’s sea friends’ Fergal, Seabiskit and Joni.

The new Splashy™ range has been officially endorsed by STA, and the charity’s branding will appear on the product’s new recyclable cardboard packaging.

For further information please visit www.konfidence.co.uk – prices start from £11.99