Launch of home essentials subscription service

Welsh start-up Splosh has launched a subscription service for all its products – from fabric conditioners and washing up liquids to hand washes and shower gels.

This is the first time in the UK that a complete range of non-food household products has been available via through-the-letterbox subscription.

Splosh has a disruptive business model that cuts out supermarkets and sells direct to UK consumers. Their customers buy bottles and then refills – which comes as concentrates that fit through letterboxes. Ready-to-use products are created simply by adding tap water and shaking the bottle.

Splosh has a zero plastic waste ethic. All their bottles are refillable using pouches which can be returned to Splosh, at no cost, to be reprocessed into other products. The company sees itself as the first truly “circular economy” brand in their sector.

Commenting on the launch, founder Angus Grahame said, “There’s never been such a wide range of products available via a through the letterbox subscription service. It makes life so much more convenient for today’s time-poor households. The early interest in subscriptions has been fantastic with a huge take up from our customer base.”

The Splosh range includes laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, washing up liquids, dishwasher tablets, kitchen cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, hand washes and shower gels.  The multi-award winning startup is based in Newtown, mid Wales.