Little Butterfly London launches new formula ‘wrapped in love’ anti-pollution baby face cream with boosted healing powers

Little Butterfly London – the award-winning luxury organic-certified skincare brand for mothers, babies and little ones – has launched a new formula ‘wrapped in love’ calming anti-pollution baby face cream with boosted soothing and healing properties for the whole family.

Building on the original certified-organic and vegan-friendly formula of borage oil, oat kernel, meadowsweet, horse chestnut, evening primrose and calendula flower, Little Butterfly London has increased the ratio of the powerful patented and scientifically validated ingredient Lipo® Bisabolol tenfold, to deliver a face cream which soothes even the most irritated and inflamed skin.

The texture has also been tweaked to be even lighter and fluffier, and enhanced with a spring-meadow
inspired natural scent from Grasse, the fragrance capital of France – delivering the ultimate luxury in skincare for little ones.

To test the healing properties of the new formula, Little Butterfly London conducted a focus group study with babies, children and adults suffering a variety of skin concerns, ranging from redness, dryness, flakiness, irritation and mild degrees of eczema. After just five days use of the ‘wrapped in love’ cream, the participants saw amazing healing results, which can be observed in the before and after photos.

‘wrapped in love’ is the only baby face cream on the market specifically formulated to protect skin from
environmental pollutants using Purisoft™, from the moringa tree, which shields from environmental
pollutants and gently lifts external impurities from the skin. It is perfect for mothers too. With its powerful
anti-radical and anti-inflammatory protection properties, ‘wrapped in love’ is the perfect day moisturiser for all sensitive skin types, particularly those exposed to the stresses of an urban lifestyle.

Little Butterfly London’s luxurious skincare range has been created in the UK to care for the most sensitive and delicate of skin, with organic-certified products suitable for newborns, little ones and mothers too. The range is stocked online at and instore with Blue Almonds, Harrods and other selected retailers

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