Currently known as the Fourth Trimester Lydia Bright reveals the products
she’s been using postpartum to help her body heal from childbirth.

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In an Instagram story and post, Lydia chooses her ‘Must Have’ items that have helped look after her body after giving birth to a delightful baby girl, Loretta Rose. Developed by midwives the Natural Birthing Co have created a range of pregnancy wellness products to cater for each stage of pregnancy and beyond. Deciding that breast is best for her and her baby, Lydia is finding the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils her saviour! She also is a fan of the Pure Bliss Postnatal Compress Solution that is the perfect remedy for post birth – it provides TLC for stitches, scars, tearring bruising swelling down there and can be also used on C section wounds. And lastly, she
recommends Bottoms Up – A spray that heals tears, stitches, cuts, bruising, swelling and hemorrhoids the rear area. It also cools and calms any soreness.

From Lydia Bright “Whilst I had the dream labour that I wrote about in my birthing plan, I think I have hypnobirthing, the amazing facilities at the NHS birthing centre and the people in the room to thank. Naturally there have been some sore and tender parts of my body after birth. I discovered the @naturalbirthingco whilst I was pregnant, they specialise in products during each stage of your pregnancy and beyond. At the moment during my fourth trimester, I am loving the bosom buddies breastfeeding oils, bottoms up spray and pure bliss post natal compress solution as they have helped to nourish and protect my skin.”