Maxi-Cosi launches new range of innovative, smart and sensory nursery products, all controlled by one app

To answer the growing needs of today’s digital-native parents, Maxi-Cosi has launched a stylish collection of sensorial nursery products called ‘Connected Home’.

The four smart products are designed to give parents confidence and peace of mind, by allowing them to always feel connected and close to their baby. Even when they’re apart.

Parenting is the most important job in the world, and knowing their child is safe and happy is the number one priority for every parent on the planet. Maxi-Cosi is dedicated to giving parents the tools and products they need to help reduce any anxiety or stress in today’s ‘always on’ world.

Connected Home is designed for families today. The range consists of the See Baby Monitor, the Breathe Humidifier, the Soothe Light & Sound and the Glow Crib Light. Advanced technology to watch over, comfort and soothe babies, with a range of personalised features and routines designed to suit every family’s lifestyle.

One app. Four smart products. Total Control.

Connected Home is a stylish range of smart sensory nursery products that connect via one easy-to-use Maxi-Cosi Connected Home app.

Each product is sleek, modern and packed with advanced automated routines and personalised features; parents can set specific routines and customise schedules that seamlessly fit their family life.

A range of smart sensors enable Connected Home products to seamlessly talk  and interact with each other. For example, when the Baby Monitor sees that baby is waking, it can automatically turn on the Soothe Light & Sound to comfort them back to sleep.

All four products can be controlled by the app, or voice-activated via Alexa or Google, making it easy for busy parents to use every day.

So smart and simple, the Connected Home range will soon feel like part of the family.

“Maxi-Cosi is proud to lead the way into a fast-growing, global category of smart nursery products. The Connected Home range answers the needs of parents today, by employing technology to ensure parents and their children enjoy the most comfortable, controllable and stylish home nursery environment, through app-based technology linked to several sensory-based products. Using the innovative all-in-one Connected Home app, parents can monitor, control and adapt any of the four sensory products, personalising features and routines to specifically suit their children and their family lifestyle. The app allows parents to ‘Stay Close’ 24/7, giving them peace of mind and reassurance that their child is safe, comfortable and soothed at home, at all times.”  Robert Dresen, Marketing Director, Dorel Juvenile Europe.

Stylish modern design

Every product in the range has been designed to complement stylish modern home interiors. Aesthetically, the sleek minimal lines, curved edges and soft, subtle natural colours blend perfectly in a nursery to create a soothing, calming, peaceful environment.

See Baby Monitor (RRP £89.99) gives parents peace of mind that their baby is always safe and comfortably sleeping in the nursery. Watch live 1080p HD streaming on your paired device and keep a close eye on baby anytime thanks to day and night vision and remote-controlled pan, tilt and zoom. Parents can relax knowing they’ll be notified of movement, sound, temperature or humidity changes, and can programme a selection of soothing noises to come on just when they need them.

Breathe Humidifier (RRP £89.99) ensures the nursery is always at the perfect humidity for baby to have a soothing night’s sleep. Parents can switch it on via the app from anywhere to prep the room before bedtime, and then adjust mist levels or programme auto-timers as appropriate. The Breathe Humidifier can also be used as an essential oil diffuser for a scented, soothing snooze.
Soothe Light & Sound (RRP £69.99) is the perfect sensory experience to create a calm, relaxed nursery. Parents can personalise their baby’s sleep routines with soothing lights, sounds and sleep-inducing lullabies. Or set up a clever routine that automatically turns Soothe Light & Sound on when See Baby Monitor senses the baby is awake.
Glow Crib Light (RRP £34.99) gives parents peace of mind that their baby won’t be woken when they check in on them, throughout the day or night. A smart motion detector under the crib activates a soft light to come on when anyone approaches and the subtle light automatically dims when they leave.

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