The mother of a baby suffering from eczema so severe she was too scared to take him out of the house has revealed how a ‘wonder’ body cream has healed him after just two days.

Archie started to develop extremely red blotchy skin when he was just three months old on his back, elbows, backs of his knees and on parts of his head.

The tot’s eczema was so unbearable he would scratch his cracked skin leaving his sheets regularly covered with blood.

The youngster’s mother, Paige McGifford, took him straight to the doctors but to her astonishment they said it was ‘just dry skin’ and he would ‘grow out of it’. Archie was prescribed a steroid cream but after two weeks it made no difference to his condition.

Paige, 21, who lives in Tidworth in Wiltshire with husband Cameron, 23, said: “The doctors just said it was just dry skin and that all babies get it. They said not to worry about it and that he would grow out of it.

“I was shocked because there was no way Archie’s condition could be described as ‘just dry skin’. His skin, especially on his back, was just awful, and his sheets would be constantly stained with blood every time he slept.

“The doctors told me to stop bathing him and start using a steroid cream which I did, but it did absolutely nothing. I tried a few other high street brands but nothing worked.

“His skin was so bad I didn’t want to take him out in case people thought I was harming him, because he was constantly scratching and making himself bleed. As a mother, it was so upsetting seeing my baby in such a state.”

A friend of Paige’s recommended she try Baby Kingdom Collection after discovering on Instagram about how their products can help eczema-prone skin. The nursery worker immediately bought the £16.95 body cream but admitted she was unsure as to whether it would ease her son’s eczema.

Paige said: “I wasn’t sure if it would work but I thought I’d give it a go and, what I can I say now is, what amazing results. At best, I thought it may take a few weeks to have an effect, but the Baby Kingdom cream cleared it up in just two days which was just incredible and such a relief. I only wish I had found out about it earlier. We call it Archie’s ‘miracle’ cream which we now buy in bulk!”

Paige believes there is not enough help and support from doctors about eczema and recommended parents take matters into their own hands to help their children if they cannot get the answers they need.

“I’m not knocking doctors but you know your own baby and you know when something is not right and sometimes you have to try and find the solution yourself,’ said Paige.

“There is a real lack of information about eczema generally but luckily, thanks to the power of social media really, my friend found out about Baby Kingdom and thanks to them our little Archie is a happy, healthy baby again.”

Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, group medical director at sk:n, previously told MailOnline about the brand, saying: “Some of the ingredients are emollients and help with hydrating the skin and optimising the skin barrier, which is essential in eczema.

“Some others such as aloe vera and Panthenol have mild anti-inflammatory effects, which, together with the hydrating effects can explain the improvement in eczema.”

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