Mountain Equipment Launch DOWN CYCLE®

Turning Waste into Warmth It began with the introduction of 100% post -consumer recycled down into the Earthrise range and now the company has a more ambitious plan to create a fully functioning closed loop recycling system. This system would ensure down clothing and sleeping bags which are unwanted or at the end of their life do not get simply thrown away.

Starting the cycle: Introducing 100% recycled down. The recycled down used comes entirely from post-consumer goods – unwanted clothing and
bedding collected by waste recycling companies throughout Europe.

Closing the loop: Creating a community led, down recycling initiative
Choosing to introduce recycled down to the product ranges is and was just one part of Mountain Equipment’s wider Down Cycle aspirations. The real goal remains to create a closed-loop recycling scheme, one that will actively ensure used outdoor products at the end of their life do not go to landfill or incineration and contribute to the production of newer, more sustainable products.

70% The Water saving with recycled down is over 70% compared to
the production of new down.
30% Nearly 30% of consumers discard or replace outdoor apparel in case of damage
95 – 97% Around 95-97% of old down products can be recycled

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