Whether you’re bottle or breastfeeding, a feeding pillow can offer the support you need while feeding or cuddling your little one.

The Dreamgenii feeding pillow, which is known and loved for its snug fit around the waist that offers the perfect level of support and comfort for mum and baby during nursing, just got even better!

The addition of the NEW 100% Jersey Cotton Covers takes comfort to a whole new level. Enhancing the overall nursing experience and offering a touch of luxury to the everyday joys of parenting.

How Do the New Covers Advance the Dreamgenii Feeding Pillow?

Supreme Softness: Crafted from premium-quality 100% Jersey Cotton, the covers offer a plush and gentle feel, creating a soothing environment for both parent and baby.

Breathable Material: The breathable nature of Jersey Cotton ensures excellent air circulation, promoting a cool and comfortable feeding experience.

Easy to Clean: The covers are machine washable, making it convenient for busy parents to maintain a clean and hygienic feeding environment.

Custom Fit: Designed to perfectly complement the DreamGenii Feeding Pillow, the covers provide a snug fit, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the product

Why Choose the Dreamgenii Feeding Pillow?

Ergonomic Shape: To ensure baby is in the correct position for a healthy latch, and keeps baby angled with their head above their tummy, which aides’ digestion.

Ultimate Support: Helps to alleviate the strain on the arms, back, and neck, which can occur from holding and positioning the baby during feeding. By providing proper alignment and cushioning, it can reduce the risk of discomfort, muscle aches and fatigue, making feeding sessions more enjoyable and longer-lasting.

Not only alleviating the general strains from feeding, the Dreamgenii feeding pillow is ideal for mothers recovering from a C-section, relieving pressure on the abdomen whilst feeding means you can bond with your little one without discomfort.

Longevity of Use: The pillow can also be used as a support to help baby to sit upright while they are learning to sit up on their own.

The new Dreamgenii feeding pillow with Jersey Cotton Covers are available in Grey Marl or Beige Marl RRP: £32.99 can be bought online from Baby Central, as well as other leading retailers.