New Bamaboo eco-friendly nappies – the only nappy brand packaged in 100% compostable plant-based film

Winners of Made for Mums Gold Award 2019 and Bizziebaby Silver Award 2019. Only eco-nappy brand included in Mother & Baby Awards shortlist for Best Performance Disposable Nappy of 2020

For parents looking for premium quality, eco-friendly products, award-winning Bamaboo eco-friendly nappies and wipes provide babies with a gentle, safe and comfortable experience. Independently tested to ensure they’re suitable for even delicate, newborn skin, they are hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and contain no harsh chemicals. Made from sustainable bamboo for a softer-than-cotton, high quality feel against babies’ skin, along with bamboo’s natural temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties and the liner’s breathable qualities, these nappies can also reduce nappy rash.

Bamaboo nappies are manufactured using FSC certified sustainably harvested bamboo, corn starch and chlorine-free wood pulp.  No chlorine or alcohol is used in their production and they use significantly less crude oil than standard disposables. In this new range, packaging will be made from 100% compostable corn starch film that can be composted within 6 months. 

Bamaboo wet wipes are made from 100% compostable non-woven bamboo, sourced from certified crops and packaged in recycled PET. The wipes are registered with the Vegan Society and contain over 98% water and plant-based ingredients. They are gentle and kind to babies’ skin.

The nappies can be industrially composted and will biodegrade by 80% within 6 months. Wipes can be 100% composted within 6 months.

The new Bamaboo nappies are now available from Ocado in packs ranging from 18-35 pieces at £8 RRP, making them comparable to leading nappy brands. Bamaboo wipes are in standard packs of 60 wipes for £2 RRP.

Bamaboo nappies and wipes are also available on Amazon and direct from Mama Bamboo at

CEO and mother of two is Laura Crawford, who founded Mama Bamboo in 2018 and she explains;

“Concerned parents across the UK are looking for greener, more natural products for their baby. They don’t want to compromise their baby’s comfort by using polyester and plastic products simply because they’re more easily available. What they want are eco-friendly products that offer quality and convenience. Green premium options have historically been too much of a price differential for the average family. Our Bamaboo biodegradables are now a genuine alternative for parents who demand quality and convenience without the eco-price tag. We have designed our products to meet our Bamaboo Balance ethos; ‘Best for Baby, Best for Mama Earth, Best for Mama.’

The company practices green processing through out its supply chain from carbon offsetting through the Ugandan Bamboo Village project, to shredding and hot composting employee waste at home.

Crawford is also a strong advocate and campaigner for better environmental management of all absorbent hygiene waste in the UK, running the nationwide campaign #thenappyrevolution calling on DEFRA to improve composting and recycling facilities by 2025.

* Biodegradability and chemicals testing carried out independently by SGS one of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies.

**Customers have commented that nappy rash is reduced using Bamaboo nappies and Mama Bamboo are monitoring this.