Somerset UK, December 2023. The long awaited and gripping new book Zuma and the Mysterious Monster by author Samantha Bertish is out now.

The exciting new book written for 8 – 12 years olds sees the story continue with Zuma and his brave pack taking on a monstrous mystery they’re eager to solve. A series of inexplicable deaths of local wildlife at Zuma’s new forest home in Switzerland causes suspicion amongst the animals of the wild world and blame is placed on the pack of newcomers. After a close encounter with a strange, ancient creature living in the forest, Zuma and his pack are quick to try and prove their innocence and assume the ugly looking monster is the culprit.

   Trying to solve the murders and implicate the mysterious monster that roams the forest, Zuma and his pack embrace the arrival of an old friend whose struggles and good intentions may not be as genuine as they thought.

Can Zuma and his pack figure out who the mysterious murderous monster is before it’s too late?

“Great middle grade adventure! Another really fun and gripping

adventure – perfect for middle grade and easy to read.”

Samantha Bertish is a creative author. Having published several award-winning picture books, this new book is the sequel to her first middle grade book Zuma and the Jack Pack. All books follow adventures with her character Zuma the Dog whose brand with the same name has dipped a paw into AR gaming and is in development with its animated series that will focus on diversity education, with a strong antibullying message.

All books are available to buy from any good book retailer.

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